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Nov 12, 2010 08:40 AM

Creminelli Salami

My brother in law is a professional chef so he often gets delicious mixture of fancy food gifts from his distributors, etc...this time, we got us 3 links of dry sausage made by Creminelli. OMG, these are the best tasting dry sausages we've ever had. I've had some good sausages in France(at much lower price) but these are as close as ones that we had in France. I just checked their website and looks like they carry these at some Wholefood markets and Fairway markets. They are pretty expensive which is a big big negative.

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  1. Couldn't agree more (and they're salame, BTW).

    The only other big negative is that they're often found old and hard as a rock (more like a jerky instead of the supple, moist salame they're supposed to be), which really detracts from eating them. Before you buy, make sure you squeeze them between your fingers: if the meat isn't soft and doesn't give, leave the salame at the store (as you said, they're expensive!)

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      Luckly, mine was super fresh as it was sent directly from the wholesale distributor.
      But that's a good tip to keep in my mind if I ever do buy them again.
      I love the fact that these are actually made in America. =)

      1. re: mborsetti

        You are absolutely right, They are very hard but I assumed that is the way it is supposed to be. I slice it paper thin so it is not too hard to chew. I usually get the truffle one. Columbus Salame also make one called cacciatore with porcini and one with truffle, they are really fabulous.

      2. I went to a Slow Food thing with the Creminelli guy. Lucky me, I got to taste every salame in production, including the wild boar (top notch). They're based in SLC (well, technically their facility is in Springville, but they're building a bigger place and moving to Salt Lake). I'm also familiar with one of the farms where he gets his pork. They're all Berkshire hogs that get to run and root and have sex with each other... you can really taste the happiness.
        I'm proud to have such high caliber charcuterie in my home town. Love it.

        1. I LOVE Creminelli Salamis. Yes they are a little pricy but I have never had one that was too hard. Not all salami are supposed to be soft and pliable. My favorite is the Salami Tartufo.