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Sweet potatoes: your BEST!

I just got word that the guest who usually supplies our Thanksgiving table with sweet potatoes (a traditional Texan casserole with marshmallows) is not going to be able to make it this year, so I'm finally free to make sweet potatoes that DON'T taste like dessert! Would love to take a look at your favorite recipes. I'm not opposed to a "sweet" preparation, but I don't want another dessert - i.e., no marshmallows, minimal added sugar. Butter is AOK!

I'm considering these Thyme Roasted sweet potatoes from Epi: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... - seems like a nice simple preparation that will allow the glory of the sweet potato to shine through.

I've also made Rosemary and Parmesan roasted sweet potatoes from Epi with excellent results: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... I love sweet potatoes with salty cheese or other salty things - in fact, whipped sweet potatoes with Stilton or Gorgonzola are one of my all-time favorites (or the low-brow version, sweet potato fries with blue cheese salad dressing).

Any other can't-miss recipes out there?

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  1. My current go-to sweet potato recipe: peel and cut into large chunks (3 medium SPs) and add to pot with a little water (maybe a half inch on the bottom of the pot) and steam until soft. Meanwhile cook some chopped bacon (maybe 6 oz) until rendered and crisp. Remove from pan. Saute a couple of shallots (chopped fine) in the bacon fat until soft and brown and a little caramelized. Add a little cayenne or spanish paprika to bloom at the end. Mash the drained sweet potatoes with the bacon and shallots and add butter, salt, pepper and brown sugar to taste.

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      Mmmmm those sound delicious - bacon and shallots, two of my most favorite things!

    2. There is a recipe in the Nov-Dec 2009 CI for sweet potatoes cut in thick rounds and gently sauteed so the exterior is caramelized. That's plenty sweet enough for me (even though I have a sweet tooth I find the typical marshmallow casserole too cloying). I can paraphrase if you like.

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        LOL, someone at CI must be reading Chowhound - I just went to the website to look and roasted sweet potatoes from Nov. 2008 were on the home page! These are just roasted though - I can't find the ones you're referring to. I'd love the (paraphrased) recipe!

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          My mistake - the one you're seeing is the one I meant. I had the year wrong and was thinking about the way I make stovetop potatoes.

          But for those who haven't seen the article, I will reiterate that it explains that the starch converts to sugar only between 135 and 175 degrees. For that reason they start the potatoes in a cold oven, covered in foil for the first 30 minutes, to further slow the heating. The temp is set at 425 throughout. The 3/4" thick rounds are flipped when browned. The sheet pan is lined with Pam-sprayed foil to prevent sticking.

          The same issue also explains that sweet potatoes should be not be stored in the refrigerator because they contain an enzyme that with prolonged storage below 55F prevents the center of the potato from becoming tender no matter how long it is cooked.

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            Thanks - I LOVE CI. Reading it just makes me a much smarter cook!

      2. Proscuitto-wrapped, maple syrup glazed ones from the New York Times. Very tasty and simple.

        1. i made this risotto last weekend (without chicken and with peas added) for my family and they LOVED it.


          i eat about a pound and a half of sweet potatoes a day myself, but i normally just large dice and steam them, then toss them in a hot saute pan with some oil, chili powder, garlic, onions, and cumin till theyre crispy on the edges.

          i also like to make soup with sweet potatoes and curry spices and stuff. i just simmer the sweet potatoes in chicken stock with curry powder, garam masala, some tumeric, pepper, garlic, and onion, then hit it with a stick blender till its (mostly) smooth. i like it with a little texture still though

          1. I love them steamed and mashed with butter and sauteed apple slices, a little cinnamon , ginger, cardamom , a good amount of pepper. Sometimes I sprinkle some toasted pecans on the top .

            1. My favorite is Bobby Flay's Potato Gratin with Smoked Chiles: delicious!


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                Agree, one of my favorites. That will be on my Thanksgiving table too.

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                  Sounds good - I love chipotles. I might even get DH (an avowed sweet potato hater) to try them this way.

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                    Wow, that is a fabulous resource for all things sweet potato!

                  2. Oh, by far the best Sweet Potato recipe EVER!!! It's a Scalloped Sweet Potato with ginger lemon cream sauce!!! to die for:

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                      I've seen raves about this recipe - it's at the top of my list if I decide to do a gratin/scalloped thing!

                    2. I asked a very similar question a couple of years ago. Wish the post hadn't rolled off because our Chow folks came up with some amazing! variations. The one that was the most intriguing to me (even though I didn't do it) was sweet potato gnocchi with a maple/sage/brown butter glaze.

                      If you google "sweet potato gnocchi", there are many out there with so many sauce variations. ONE DAY........

                      1. I usually make candied sweet potatoes.Boil potatoes in skin. Peel and slice. Add orange juice, honey, cinnamon and dot with butter and bake until the potatoes are tender.