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Nov 12, 2010 08:25 AM

Christmas Dinner 2010 - Toronto Downtown

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are new to Toronto and always eat out on Xmas Day. I want to know if you think the Royal York is worth the hype and $$$ or are there other alternatives that you suggest.

We want to be as central as possible.

Thanks so much!


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  1. I am not aware of any restaurant at the Royal York that's being hyped even a little bit. Doing a quick search on Open Table for 12/25 and it's slim pickings. Lai Wah Heen at the Metropolitan Hotel might be your best bet.

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    1. re: syoung

      Have others had good experiences with Lai Wah Heen recently? Went there a few weeks ago for the first time and was disappointed with the quality of the food. Seemed as though we were primarily paying for the decor + service.

      Lai Wah Heen
      108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

    2. For Christmas dinner I have to admit I am a fan of the Royal York.

      We had dinner in the Imperial Room on Christmas two years ago with my son and I am absolutely thinking of doing it again. It is very reminiscent of Christmas for me (but then my Mom worked for CP). The place is decked out in full force with Christmas decorations, to me no one does Christmas decor quite like the Royal York. The trees are always beautiful!

      Over all a good buffet selection and excellent quality. It is even better if you have kids for the Imperial Room buffet since they have a kids buffet and cookies that they can decorate. They also have Santa going around table to table with gifts and Scrooge doing balloon animals.

      If you are looking for something quieter you can always try EPIC, I know they do a special dinner there as well. Price of the dinner (I believe) includes valet parking.

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      1. re: Otonabee

        Thank you for this information. I contacted the Royal York and definitely plan to go to either the Imperial or Epic.... both sound great - no kids - but I still love Santa.

        Have a great week.

        1. re: CatTO

          Very cool, enjoy the dinner. We will likely be at the early dinner so who knows, maybe we will see you there!

        2. re: Otonabee

          Otonabee -- do you know if the Imperial room charges for toddlers? I can't see my 23 month old eating enough to make the "1/2 price for kids" price tag worthwhile!

          1. re: kawarthagirl

            I can't remember. I know the kid was over two when we went but my memory is kind of hazy. You would hope there is a price for the under two crowd.

            1. re: kawarthagirl

              I just called. Apparently Under 5 is free, so that was very good news for me since my kid is 4...

          2. Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons might be another option. We once had a lovely dinner there on Christmas Eve, I assume they would serve dinner on Christmas Day as well?

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              Another great option would be Annona at the Park Hyatt Hotel at Bloor and Avenue Road. The food and service is always impeccable. We've been many times for both Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. The atmosphere is very warm and not pretentious.

              Park Hyatt
              Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA