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Nov 12, 2010 08:03 AM

Smoked turkey parts?

Hi all-

I recently moved to Cambridge from the Bay Area. Back in the Bay I could pretty easily find smoked turkey parts- drumsticks or wings- either in the butcher case or packaged. These were my go-to for making a pot of collard greens.

So far, no luck in finding them in Boston/Cambridge. I've checked Whole Foods, Savenor's, and the Meat House. Savenor's at least knew what I was talking about and said they could be special-ordered (though it might need to be in quantity). Has anyone seen these in any area stores? Maybe in ethnic markets? I'm not looking for whole smoked turkeys, and unfortunately I'm not set up to smoke myself.

Alternatively, has anyone made greens with smoked fish? I could always go the nuclear option- ham hocks- but I'm trying to move away from an all-pork diet. :)

Meat House
655 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081

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  1. I believe I've purchased smoked drumsticks at the Somerville Market Basket. I think I've also seen wings there.

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      .. and Burlington & Chelsea locations as well.

    2. McKinnon's in Somerville would be a good bet. Never mind the great prices on meat.

      1. This time of year I always find them at Stop & Shop to make holiday stuffed mushrooms.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, all. I called McKinnon's and they said they do carry smoked turkey wings, drumsticks, and necks. I will update once I've had a chance to get over there.

          1. The Shaws in Porter SQ has also always had a selection of smoked Turkey parts. I have used them with great success for collard greens many times. If you have not tried it, add some thickly shredded cabbage to your collard adds a touch of sweetness and somehow make the whole dish more tender (though that may be in my head). Have fun!