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Nov 12, 2010 08:02 AM

In search of fish restaurant on Jarry east

About 5 years ago I went to a restaurant on I believe it was Jarry might have been Jean Talon or another one of those old commercial streets in that area. If not Jarry it was parallel to Jarry. It was located on close to the South East corner of the intersection.

I think it was Portuguese. It serve huge portions and had amazing seafood. I think there was a set price menu and they served sausages as an appetizer...with great bread.

I know this is not a lot to go on....but I drank an awful lot of wine that some of the details are foggy. But I do remember I loved the place.

Does this place sound familiar to anyone.

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  1. Am drawing a bit of a blank on this but Jarry, Portuguese and near the SE corner of some intersection has me thinking of Grillade Portugais Imperio (1292 Jarry e; east of Christophe-Colomb).

    The rest of it doesn't fit your description: they have good portions, seafood but no set menu and no sausages unless you order them. They do have a liquor license but I've only ordered pineapple sodas when I've gone.

    Narrow space with bar/charcoal grill on left, tables on right. Lots of tiles and fancy brick work? Owner older fellow with greying moustache who mans the grill. Son-in-law and daughter do FOH for him.

    Grillade Portugais Imperio
    1292 Rue Jarry E, Montreal, QC H2P1X1, CA

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      It may be the place I will drive by ...brickwork brings back some memories.

    2. Fits the description of O Cantinho, a Portuguese restaurant at 3204, Jarry E. It's close to the South East corner of Jarry and Boul. St-Michel, and has generous and tasty seafood and meat combination platters and great corn bread bread! Last time I went, we drank lots of (house) wine too...

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        That's a second option for Kenneth. When was the last time you went? I'm curious as to how this place's food is.