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Nov 12, 2010 07:28 AM

Visiting Chicago May 19-23, 2011 from Toronto, Canada - looking for Diners, Drive Ins & Dive type of places


I am visiting Chicago from May 19th to the 23rd. I will be staying downtown and will be doing the regular touristy things like sightseeing, shopping etc.

I would love to visit a few "Diners, Drive Ins & Dive" similar to or places that were featured on the Food Network TV show. I won't have access to a car as I plan to travel using public transportation & walk as well. I would love to visit at least 4 places while I am there. I don't mind if I have to take a cab to go a bit out of the way if its worth it. I can plan my itinerary around your suggestions and am open to breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas.

Any recommendations?

Thank you.

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  1. You should check out Glenn's Diner. It is very easy to get to via the el. Take the BROWN line going towards Kimball and get off at the Montrose Stop. (about 20 mins depending on where you get on). It is northside of the street and 2 store fronts west from the el stop. The food is really top-notch. It is a seafood place and the prices do reflect that. But it isn't outrageous. They have specials on most days of the week. I really enjoyed my crabcakes. Hardly any filler with great crab chunks and flavor.

    Glenn's Diner
    1820 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613