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Nov 12, 2010 07:11 AM

Venissimo Cheese

If you haven't seen this short video interview with the owner of Venissimo, take a peek. There are people passionate about food in SD. Just think of this as the first step beyond fish tacos (on the path to Berlin perhaps?)

Venissimo Cheese
754 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

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  1. Good plug for my favourite cheese store in SD!

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    1. re: shouzen

      Mine too :-). Have you taken any classes at their Cheese Academy downtown? I've been meaning to but the dates haven't always worked for me.

    2. I have yet to set foot in one, but we've been getting some of Venissimo's locally-sourced selections with our Specialty Produce Farmers Market baskets (you can choose the cheese of the week in .25 pound increments as an add-on), and everything they've included has been very tasty.

      Praise cheeses!

      Specialty Produce
      1929 Hancock St, San Diego, CA

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      1. re: The Office Goat

        Oh, you've got to go to one of their shops. You can taste to your hearts content. The counter staff is patient and usually can answer most questions. I used to get a quarter pound in the SP farmers market bag. I kind of quit the farmers market bag in favor of an actual farmers market during the summer months. The fish in the market bag was a great add on too.

      2. Visited the Venissimo branch in Del Mar and brought home a nice haul for the family. Got lots of samples, quality was comparable to what I had in Europe. Which is to say, not what you'd find at supermarkets..after coming back from France I tried looking and aside from Venissimo which I just discovered today, Whole Foods is a distant second (Trader Joe's is third). While there I also grabbed some of their cheese samplers which is 3 pieces for $3. My wife was curious and 2 of them were gone by the time we got back.

        Service was excellent, and you can get cheese in any size. They even offer to record what you got if you want to remember next time. The receipt had the full description of each cheese, a first for any cash register I've seen lol.

        Prices were good, cheaper than Whole Foods but more expensive than regular supermarkets where they sell a poor imitation. Quality was much better, and this will be my goto source of cheese since the location is so close. It's in that mall off the freeway on Via de la Valle, same mall as Milton's and across the street from McDonald's. BTW I hear that's also going to be where they'll build a new Whole Foods.

        Thanks to another user (I think dantaat) for casually mentioning this place. =)

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        1. re: royaljester

          they have been in talks to build a whole foods in there but I'm not positive that it's going to work because of the whole foods in Encinitas..

          1. re: SDGourmand

            That Whole Foods is about ready to open. I keep thinking that it is going to be a disaster. I know that it was forced down our throats because the city council is in love with downtown Encinitas and they want to see development down there. It looks like parking is going to be horrendous down there and driving into downtown Old Encinitas can be problematic. You would think that the Whole Foods would of gone into some place on N. El Camino Real, where there are several empty storefrons and parking. It is also closer to the higher income areas of RSF, Olivenhain, and La Costa Valley. This is the same reason why the new Library is just above city hall on a small footprint of a lot with shitty parking when they could of had the old Target location which is more convient for most of the city

            1. re: littlestevie

              Couldn't agree more.. So many strip malls on el camino need an anchor store badly.. We don't need new developments just fix the stuff that's already there..

          2. re: royaljester

            Venissismo is really the only place we get cheese now. Tried to avoid an extra trip and got Midnight Moon at Whole Foods once and you can really taste the difference between WF and Venissimo's. WF's had been stored in tightly wrapped plastic and even after letting it come up to room temp, it lacked the full depth of flavor that Venissimo's had.

            The only reason we get cheese at Trader Joe's or WF now is when we're using it to cook with. Any eating cheese comes from Venissimo.

            I'd be surprised if they put a Whole Foods in the Flower Hill Mall. Finding parking is already bad. It would be the 3rd parking lot from hell if it goes in. (1st place goes to the lot where Tofu House and O'Brien's are, 2nd place is 99 Ranch)

            Tofu House
            4646 Convoy St Ste 116, San Diego, CA 92111

            1. re: royaljester

              I also like the wine pairing recs that come with the cheese. It is a quality experience except on the couple of occasions I've been there when the clerks are slammed with customers.