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Nov 12, 2010 07:06 AM

Need Thanksgiving help, please

Cooking Thanksgiving meal for my Kosher-observant in-laws -- last year they brought the pre-cooked Turkey, and were okay with me making all the sides Kosher-style in my non-kashered but Kosher-style kitchen.

This year is apparently a repeat, except I have to come up with a turkey (just the breast would be ok).

Any ideas where? I've heard Kosher pre-cooked is usually lousy, and I have their standard of their caterer (who was quite good but is too far away) to live up to.

BTW, I'm NYC: UWS/Morningside Heights.

Also, can cooks help me with what supplies to lay in from the Kosher grocery? I remember that I need special chicken stock and parve margarine, but I forget if I need anything else.

Making the usual suspects, to the extent that I can without dairy -- mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin soup, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Second helping in Riverdale ususlly has the Mazone special which I have used a number of times. The food is quite good, the cost, atleast a few years ago, was affordable. The only thing I was not crazy about was the stuffing. Still, all in all, a good option.

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    1. For the turkey- I believe Fairway's kosher butcher has turkey breasts available. You may have to preorder or reserve one, but their meat and poultry is delicious and well priced. Remember... don't bring a kosher turkey.

      You could also pick up a lot of the ingredients you would need at Fairway- they have a large kosher section. You could get the kosher chicken stock there (in the kosher section) and vegetable or mushroom broth (pacific brand is kosher, they usually have it on the endcaps around t-giving). They have Earth Balance margarine (organic dairy) and Fleischmann's margarine (regular dairy).

      What other ingredients are you looking for? Lots of items already have a hechsher...

      Also.. if you need help figuring out parve subs for anything.. I'm sure someone on this board can help!

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        thanks for that, especially the rec for broth -- i'll use tons of it.

        As far as parve subs, I'll try it beforehand, but I'm assuming making mashed potatoes with hot water, a little bit of roasted parship puree, and maybe a spoonful of parve margarine will pass (to my palate) as mashed potatoes ...

        1. re: thenewlyweds

          That's how I make my mashed potatoes pretty much. Instead of margarine, I add a little bit of olive oil (I prefer the flavor) and roasted garlic. Sometimes I add in carmelized onions and a squeeze of dijon mustard. It's different than a butter and cream mashed potato dish, but delicious.

          1. re: thenewlyweds

            Earth Balance Spread is a great butter replacement, sometime it's little too salty for sweet dishes, but I would recc. that (also available at Fairway).

            1. re: thenewlyweds

              We use mayo in our pareve mashed potatoes for creaminess.

              1. re: thenewlyweds

                I'm partial to Mimicreme as a dairy substitute because it adds body and mouth feel.


              2. re: cheesecake17

                Re: cheesecake17:
                Just to clarify for others. I assume you mean Earth Balance is found in the organic dairy section. The margarine itself is certainly non-dairy . . . vegan, even.

                1. re: queenscook

                  Yes.. I meant it's in the organic dairy section.. as opposed to the regular dairy section. In Fairway lots of items in the organic dairy section are vegan and kosher.

              3. If you want pre-cooked turkey, then I'd suggest Supersol(Amsterdam and 93rd) or Kosher Marketplace(Broadway and 90th). Both will be pricey but good. Kosher Marketplace is probably a little fancier and more expensive. Fairway is great for raw turkey, but they don't have any pre-cooked turkey.

                1. Well I cheat and make pumpkin pie using Mrs Smith or Oronoque pie shells and the Libby pie filling in a can. Add some sort of non dairy creamer for the evaporated milk.

                  I use canned cranberry sauce but if you buy a bag of fresh berries they are very simple to make.

                  I make matza stuffing because I don't like it when the stuffing gets all gooky, and I get turkey breast at Trader Joe's unless we have a large enough crowd.