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Nov 12, 2010 06:44 AM

Gourmet fast food in Tulsa(?)

My mother in law broke her hip and is in Southcrest. For the past 3 days my wife and I have been grabbing McDonalds on the way to the hospital. I rarely eat at McDonalds but I have to say that the one at 91st and Memorial consistently serves an EggMcMuffin that is very very good - the egg tastes great and is perfectly cooked. I know that most chowhounds probably look down on McDonalds but I would gladly have this location's EggMcMuffin any day,

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  1. A EggMcMuffin is one of the few things I will eat at Micky D's. Still enjoy the fries after all these years.
    Never near the 91st street location for breakfast. If I am I will pick one up.