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What do you miss and why haven't you had it?

What is the one dish (only one) you love that you haven't had in years? And why?

I was going to say escargot, which I hadn't had in about five years, but I had it recently. So my dish is going to be moussaka. My mother used to make this probably five or six times during the winter and when she passed away six years ago I never had it again. There's a new Greek place near me that has it and I think I might have to go and break the streak!

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  1. Oh, I think you should go try it out. Moussaka sounds delicious; so good when it's well-done. For me, I haven't had the pig's Lardo on Levain from Eccolo in years - for obvious reasons. It's brain-meltingly good stuff, but the equivalent of stuffing a cube of European butter inside a Twinkie, battering it and deep-frying it. Sigh. Those were the days before I had to trip on my cholesterol count.

    1. I miss the double enchiladas (extra hot, extra sauce, no onions) from a gas station turned taco joint in my hometown. Haven't had them in ages because I'm only home once or twice a year and usually around Christmas... plus I try to avoid eating meat at restaurants...

      Oh man, my mouth is watering! :)

      1. I miss fried squirrel. My granny was a hillbilly and lifelong hunter and she used to get squirrel for me. That meat is like the darkest turkey meat, very rich, and it has a twisty grain that makes it's texture rather unique. And it's so flavorful. Pan fried, then baked in a covered roasting pan for a couple hours on a rack. So good, w/ mashed taters and the gravy and a side of greens.

        I miss the street shwarma's & broasted chicken I grew up on in Saudi Arabia. I make the accompanying garlic sauce that the Saudi's use, and slather it on everything!

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          2nd squirrel, but braised w/onions and a rich gravy. (Don't hunt.)

        2. I miss my mother's stuffed flank steak in burgundy sauce. And now that I've decided to make it again after years and years, I can't find a single flank steak anywhere!
          It had a bread stuffing, was rolled and tied, and baked in a creamy wine sauce.
          Guess I could do it with another cut of beef, but that stringiness of the flank steak was part of the charm.

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            While I'm not a huge fan of flank steak, that does sound pretty good. Why can't you find it? No butchers in your area? In the supermarkets near me it's everywhere.

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              That recipe would be good with a whole skirt steak, rolled sort of like a helix or damascus barrel.

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                jhopp, I'm in a little town in the deep South, and flank steaks disappeared from the grocery stores in the past few years. I've been looking! Maybe if I go into Atlanta to Whole Foods I can find one. My favorite butcher moved to another town, but I should see if there are any others nearby.

                Veggo, thanks - I had considered skirt steak, but wasn't sure if it would be close enough. It wouldn't be a problem to do a twisty roll like that as long as I have to tie it anyway.

            2. I miss allot of canned or packaged crappy food that I used to really enjoy.

              As I got older, I stopped eating that kind of thing in favor of "real" good fresh food. I forsaked it all. cooked al my meals and ate at the best of restaurants. I became a bit of a food snob.

              But then, as I got even older, I started to get odd cravings..
              Underwood Deviled Ham was a childhood favorite...so were Slim Jims, and frozen egg-rolls...frozen pigs in blankets, Spaghetttio's (with franks)...recently, even though I know they were gross even then, I feel like canned raviloi...
              All these things...

              Here's my problem:
              Nutritional Lables!

              Every time I pick up that can of Deviled Ham - I read the fat content etc., and I just can't seem to make the purchase!. I just can't do it!
              The same for all the other fat-licious foods mentioned above.

              I have no problem being unhealthy here and there, but I hate to waste those calories on food that I know isnt really "good"!
              And if I did'nt see how bad it actually is, I would happlily indulge.

              Every so often, I have decided to break down and try one of my nostalgic favorites. the last time, I bought Spaghettio's w/ franks...and BOY what a dissappointment! Yuck!

              But I know that Deviled ham will still be good!

              One thing I never stopped eating - is Kraft mac and cheese.....awful, unhealthy....but delicious!! (IMO)

              1. Mom's fried chicken. She's dead.
                Jarramillo's red chile stacked enchiladas. They've gone out of business.
                From overseas:
                Nam, nothin'
                USSR, shashlik, Beluga and deep fried sturgeon
                Norway: cod tongues & cheeks and whale meat
                Finland: baby reindeer chops, a rappu (crayfish) fest under the midnight sun
                Bolivia: charascos and saltaneas
                Maine: just out of the water lobsters, crabs, clams, and scallops. Maine winter shrimp.
                Carpe chow

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                  Oh - I didn't think about the stuff I used to eat while living in the UK!

                  Crispy seaweed from Chinese restaurants. (nothing like seaweed you'd get in a Japanese restaurant) In fact It's not really seaweed! It's some green, finely sliced and deep fried, (in seasame oil maybe?) then sprinkled with sesame seeds and sugar..it's roasty nutty salty sweet crunchiness - absolutely incredible!

                  Sausage Rolls

                  Cornish pasties

                  clotted cream covered ice cream

                  any dairy product, and any pork product

                  1. re: NellyNel

                    The Hoboken Clam, Broth House in Hobken, NJ.
                    There used to be tons of soft shell clams for steaming in NJ.
                    At the Harbor Cafe in Atlantic Highlands,$6.95 and all one could eat.
                    English lamb
                    Pub grub,ie pies

                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                      Oh - Clam Broth House has reopened in Hoboken!

                      I haven't tried it, nor was I ever at the original - but I have a sad feeling it won't be in any way similar to the original (other than the famous sign!)

                      Oh - and English lamb - yeah! For sure!

                    2. re: NellyNel

                      Oh, I second cornish pasties and sausage rolls!

                    3. re: Passadumkeg

                      Australia: grilled Moreton Bay bugs
                      Spain: sauteed angulas and unborn eels
                      Costa Rica: magical black bean soup
                      Turks & Caicos: conch salad, 10 minutes out of the water
                      East Texas: homemade squash croquettes, venison chili
                      South Texas: mesquite roasted cabrito, smothered quail
                      Puebla, MX: chiles en nogada
                      El Oro, MX: huitlacoche casserole
                      Uruguay: grilled mollejas with chimichurri
                      Cuba: nothing to miss, the food sucks

                      1. re: Veggo

                        OK, wise ass, the big pot of Viet Cong "Pho" that Victor Charlie left behind, when we surprised their camp and I got busted in rank for eating because the red-neck, Spam-love Gunny Sgt. thought it was poisoned! It was worth it, but no pho has ever tasted sooooo good since.

                        1. re: Passadumkeg

                          Passa, the day after Veterans Day I bow with reverence to your service. I was a '52 baby and was never put to the test. Carpe diem and buen provecho, amigo.

                          1. re: Veggo

                            Funny, I slept better last night that finally all the VD bruhaha was over. No parades for this dude.
                            I have found a place in Albuquerque for damn good, cheap Bahn Mi.

                    4. The butter chicken at the Viceroy in Chicago. Moved all over the place, tried hundreds of different dishes, but for some reason that butter chicken has remained my favorite. I haven't had the chance to get back to the area (going on 10 years now), but I hear the recipe was changed anyway. Alas!

                      1. I miss West Indian Blood pudding or Black pudding . Shiny coils of blue black, natural cased pigs blood. Seasoned well with rice cooked in coconut milk,traditional thyme,broad leaf thyme,onions,garlic,culantro and scotch bonnets. 2 inch rounds fried on a flat top with onions and served with toasted brioche and salted butter.

                        1. Many dishes I haven't had in years that I miss terribly. Top among them:

                          Wor Sue Gai - one of my favorite hole in the wall Chinese take out dishes. Haven't had it since it's, sadly, only a Great Lake region dish, and I'm in California now.

                          Hungarian Goulash - the best I've ever had was in a mountain side restaurant in Switzerland, of all places. Next best was at a place in Cleveland that's long since closed, called the Czech Inn.

                          Chicken Paprikash - Also from the Czech Inn, which closed several years ago.

                          The area I'm living in has woefully little in the way of "unusual" ethnic restaurants. There are several Thai, an over abundance of Mexican, a handful of forgettable Chinese places, maybe one or two "Mediterranean" places, and the standard sushi joints. But Eastern European? Lebanese? Any sort of Middle Eastern that isn't really just Greek? Nada, not that I've found so far. So disappointing.

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                          1. re: DarkRose

                            Baby calf's liver, liver with bacon and onions, chicken livers fried in butter with salt.
                            80 mg of Lipitor a day + 10 mg of Zetia. Need I say more?

                          2. when i saw the title, i was ready to launch into a verrry long list of all the glutenicious and soy-based foods i love[d] and can't eat anymore. then i caught the "(only one)" qualification so i figured i should stick with a food that i *could* actually still eat if it was sitting in front of me, and i was totally stumped at first! i finally came up with something...

                            Jersey diner home fries. extra-crispy/well done with onions, tons of black pepper, and *original* (HFCS-free) Heinz ketchup.

                            the "why" is that we don't have Jersey diners in SoCal, and even when i'm back East visiting, i'm never at a diner. (there's actually one other diner dish i adore and miss - cheese fries - but i like to dip them gravy which i wouldn't be able to do anymore because i'm sure there's plenty of flour in there!) oh, and i'm guessing the ketchup wouldn't be the same anyway ;)

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                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                              Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I was also thinking of a glutenous [sic] meal, the bagel, but Jersey home fries are calling me across the years . . . when my local diner changed ownership, my home fry life was never the same

                              1. re: guilty

                                yep, my initial list was rife with the usual suspects - Ess-A-Bagel, Kossar's bialy, NYC pizza - but man, those home fries...there's just *nothing* like them! i was actually in Jersey a couple of weeks ago, and now i'm wishing this thread had come up before then - i would have made a point to get some!

                            2. Northwest Indiana perch, pan-fried in butter. This is one of my favorite foods: moist, crunchy on the outside, with a clean, fresh flavor. Traditionally, the fresh water perch for this dish came from Lake Michigan, but, due to exotic foreign fish invaders (like the zebra mussel), the population of perch in the lake has declined so much that most of the perch served in Northwest Indiana and Chicago restaurants comes from Canada.

                              The reason for not eating the fish now: the only commercially available fresh water perch which you can get in Florida (at least, that I have found) come from Lake Victoria in Africa. They must be a different subspecies because they're huge and don't taste the same. Frozen perch don't taste the same, either.

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                                gfr1111, I am going to make you feel awful, but I have a pound or two of Lake Michigan yellow perch in my freezer here in Georgia. Reading your post makes me think I may need to do something about that. I like it the way Phil Smidt's in Hammond did it, served with steamed red potatoes covered with butter and dill. Oh, and the walleye and frog legs there! Delicious.
                                I get back to Michigan City once a year and stock up on perch ( and I do have to shop carefully - some of the stores have a white lake perch and don't tell it's not the right lake) and WWW's chicken soup base and beef base, and last time got some Munchee cheese and Win Schulers Bar Scheeze.
                                I remember when the fishing boats brought up nets full of yellow perch every day. Boats full of them.

                                1. re: jmcarthur8

                                  OMG jmcarthur8: and what about the cream torte Schmidt's served? world of memories of good eatin'.

                                  1. re: mamachef

                                    mama, I don't remember ever having room for dessert! Ever! After all that perch and butter, no way.
                                    But now that I know about it, I want one!

                                    1. re: jmcarthur8

                                      It was like a dense block of solid cream custard (unfrozen.) Super rich, super decadent, but we only went there once a year or so, so it was indicated. That sure was some delicious, buttery milky Perch too, wuddenit?

                                      1. re: mamachef

                                        There is nothing in the world like Lake Michigan perch. Buttery, milky, that is so true!

                              2. Beef olives.

                                Used to be something my mother made regularly but we havnt cooked it in must be 25 years. Time for a revival, perhaps.

                                1. I miss Dittos Potato Chips, I think they were made by Laura Scudders..mid to late 70's I think, anyone familiar, they were kind of like Pringles, but why I think Laura is because they had 2 sleeves of chips in a bigger than Pringles canister.....