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Nov 12, 2010 05:55 AM

Rec. for picky eaters in CC?

I have some relatives coming into town who eat only chicken/beef/shrimp (and maybe veal) and don't want to eat at any restaurant not American, Italian or Chinese (American Chinese). They do not like spicy, in any sense. I'm looking for 40$/person or under (food only) and looking for something with many options for them (because they have numerous other food phobias and hangups). I'm willing to go anywhere in Philly, but would rather not head to the 'burbs. Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. I think any good Italian place will work, and have plenty of options for picky eaters as well as good stuff for yourself. Someplace like Melegrano, Branzino, Le Virtu. The Vetri places might be pushing it, though the pizzas at Osteria are easy to love. Search the board for Italian, there are lots of great options.

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      Also if you want to give them a little South Philly charm without doing the red gravy thing, L'Angolo would work, too.

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        Branzino would be my pick for picky eaters. Lots of meat/chicken dishes that aren't too fancy, pretty much Italian standards yet still interesting enough for "foodies" to enjoy. Also one of the more extensive Italian BYOB menus in the area. I love Melograno but I think that might be pushing it for someone expecting more basic stuff. And you could easily get out for under $40 pp sharing some appetizers and desserts along with the entrees.

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          Branzino looks good, as does L'Angelo .. I don't go to Osteria any more after two not great meals - I'm sure its wonderful and i have been unlucky or ordered poorly, but I'm not gonna press my luck.

          If they wanted a "red gravy joint" which does everyone enjoy the most?

          And how about any non-italian? (they are eating one night not with me and I don't want to make them eat italian back to back evenings)

          1. re: scottb2

            You could send them to a steakhouse, like Butcher & Singer.