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Nov 11, 2010 11:37 PM

Looking for Bento Boxes

Hey everyone!

I'm new to this site and can't tell you how much excited i am about this new discorvery!

However seems like my capabilities to find the information i want are not so good so i'm going to post something and hope someone will be able to help me!

I went to a Japenese Restaurant and i got my food in a "bento box" . Ok I saw that and now it became a need!

I live in Québec city but won't have any problem to get on the road and visit Montréal to buy those

Ok so here's my question: Is there any special groceries or boutique that sells that special type of bento boxes:

Also I'm looking for the cooking pots called Nabe or Donabe.

I really appreciate your help and i can't wait to receive an answer!

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  1. Toyama just south of Miyamoto's on Victoria Avenue. You'll have to hurry as she's closing at the end of the year (no word on a restart yet).

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      Almost twice the price at Toyama than Korin web page call to confirm before going

      1. re: finefoodie55

        True, but with Korin there is delivery fees, brokerage and likely additional duty since none of the materials are made in the US or Mexico. Unless heading off to the US, the price advantage breaks down really quick.

    2. You will find Bento Boxes on Ste-Catherine near du Fort.

      1. Is it for you or for a child? I saw a bento box at the bookstore at JTM. Renault brey seems to carry it which means it should be in most bookstores in Quebec city:
        chapters/indigo have what they call laptop lunches. they have the basic design that you were asking for but unlike the Renauld-brey one, no accessories. You want to be able to transport condiments, sauces, and cover liquid dishes...
        If I was looking for more accessories, I would try the japanese grocery stores and some of the many shops in chinatown.

        1. I imagine you're looking for the ornate, dinner table bento boxes, in which case the other posters have offered some great ideas - but if you are looking for a portable, bento lunch box, Omer des Serres had some great looking ones for about $25.

          1. There's a new on-line bento box shop. You can find all kinds for great looking and practical items!


            They're based in Montreal and ship anywhere!