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Nov 11, 2010 06:00 PM

Anyone been to Cork's (Federal Hill) lately?

I thinking about heading their on Saturday night. Thanks!

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  1. I've been there recently. What did you want to know?

    1. I haven't been before and I've been reading some mixed reviews. Would you recommend it? If so, are there any "can't miss" dishes.

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      1. re: ronandaim

        The menu changes too frequently for specialty dishes. But the food quality is very reliable, particularly when Jerry himself is cooking.

        Another recommendation in that neighborhood would be Bluegrass Tavern, where Corks' former sommelier, Chris Coker, now operates.

        1. re: pltrgyst

          Thanks for the tip...I'm actually planning to go to both places tonight.

          1. re: ronandaim

            I'm sorry, i swore I replied to this but it's not here now. At Corks the fondue or the merguez corn dogs are reliable for me. The burger is nothing special. Steaks are always good, as is the Caesar salad.

            1. re: JonParker

              We did have the fondue which was very good. My husband had some special duck confit risotto which was awesome. I had meatloaf which was good, but I would try something different next time.

              I was eying up their Tuesday night steak and wine specials....

              1. re: ronandaim

                Yeah, now that you mention it I felt the same way about the meatloaf. I liked it but it wasn't something I'd jump all over next time.

      2. very hit or miss... sometimes good, sometimes not... always an interesting wine list

        the late(er) night cheap shots at the bar brings a very wierd scene...

        1026 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

        1. I had a lamb pita/gyro there a while ago. It had so much gristle I had to send it back. Good service, disappointing food. Surprised me.

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          1. re: southbaltimoregirl

            The lamb gyro was one of the few real misses on the menu, IMO. I had it once and that was enough. I wouldn't give up on Corks based on that, but I agree, it's just not a good dish.