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Nov 11, 2010 04:13 PM

Red Wine (preferably Sancerre) post-partum

I know this is a strange request, but my Oriental Medicine doctor suggested I drink red wine twice a day after having a baby. I don't particularly like alcohol. The only red wine I've ever enjoyed was a red Sancerre in Paris years ago.

Does anyone know where to buy a good red, preferably Sancerre? I live in the boonies between Montreal and Ottawa and am running out of time to buy it before the baby arrives.


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  1. The only place you're going to find a red Sancerre or similar wine is at the SAQ or LCBO.

    Red Sancerre is made from Pinot Noir and they generally don't come cheap. The SAQ currently lists seven, the LCBO one. I've tasted none of the SAQ wines in the current vintages except Mellot's gorgeous $74 "La Demoiselle," but if I had to pick one of the less expensive bottles, it'd probably be Vacheron's 2008 at $30.25. Bourgeois's 2007 "Les Baronnes" at $29.90 is also a fairly safe bet.

    Still, you might be better off looking to nearby Loire appellations. Philippe Gilbert's 2007 Menetou-Salon is supple, pure and organic, costs $26 and can be ordered online and delivered to any address in Quebec. Michel Gendrier's 2008 Cheverny "Le Pressoir" is a biodynamic/organic Pinot Noir (80%) and Gamay (20%) blend, not quite as enjoyable as the 2006 but still a good buy at $18.50. Domaine Sauger's 2008 Cheverny rouge is a similar blend and quite drinkable for $14.50. Domaine de la Charmoise's 2009 Gamay de Touraine is about as easy a drinker as you'll find and fairly priced at $16.50; note, though, that it contains only Gamay and not Pinot.

    There are wines from other areas that might also be up your alley. For example, we recently tasted a couple of Mondeuses from the Savoie that were hard not to love and there's some seriously good Beaujolais around these days, including some beautiful wines available by the case on a private import basis (meaning it can either be shipped to an SAQ outlet near you or, in some cases, to you directly). And, of course, lots of places are making tasty, affordable Pinot Noirs; New Zealand is a good source for ones that share traits with some red Sancerres. Can provide reccos if none of the above will do.

    1. The Loire is a great place for wines but be careful (taste-wise, not health-wise) about Loire reds from cabernet franc. They can be harsh and acidic. They taste green and unpleasant to me.
      Sancerre rouge can be tasty. They're about half way between Burgundy and New World pinots.
      I'd also suggest trying gamay, either from the Loire or Beaujolais (especially Cru Beaujolais), a Loire grape called pinot d'aunis or pinot from the Alsace, which can be horrible but when it's good tastes a lot like Sancerre rouge.

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      1. "I don't particularly like alcohol."

        Don't drink it if you don't like it, and consult a real doctor.

        (sorry if I sound harsh)