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Nov 11, 2010 03:30 PM

November 2010 Saveur - Tom Colicchio's "Parker House" rolls

Dear Mr. Colicchio, what your restaurant serves are not Parker House rolls. Parker House rolls are by definition folded over (like a Parker House roll, slightly unevenly, not "like a taco"), and do not have fleur de sel anywhere near them. The charm of the roll is its being folded over. I'm sure the rolls served are perfectly nice pan rolls, but please refrain from using the name of a justifiably time-honored American traditional breadstuff for something it is not. Thank you very much. .

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  1. Ha, ha. But they looked delicious anyway!

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    1. re: roxlet

      Yes they did, but I'm still pouting. Parker House rolls is Parker House rolls! It's the principle of the thing.

    2. They look like pulled apart clover leaf rolls to me. But I forgive him. For years I thought fan tan rolls were Parker House rolls. Both of which were different and inferior to my mother's big fat fluffy yeast rolls she made for all holidays!

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      1. re: Caroline1

        Caroline, Do you have a recipe for the big fat fluffy yeast rolls? I would love to make some for Thanksgiving.

        1. re: juli5122

          Unfortunately I don't. My mother kept the recipe in her head and failed to write it down before old age felled her. BUT...! One of the things she did that I think may have been responsible for their greatness is she used cake yeast. I'm told that Whole Foods has it during the holidays, and if they do, I'm buying! Granulated yeasts of any kind just do not produce the aroma or flavor she got with cake yeast. Sorry about not having the recipe. I got all of her cook books, but it's just not in there. :-(

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            Growing up I only knew these rolls from their photos in my family's Betty Crocker Cookbook. That's your answer. If the current editions don't have them (I can't imagine why they wouldn't), get thee to a used book store and pull out a 70s edition.