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Nov 11, 2010 02:36 PM

sports bar, good food, near the getty

Going to The Getty on Sunday, and, as a compromise, agreed to have brunch/lunch at a sports bar near the museum so we can watch football (relationships are all about the give and take, no?). We're driving up from Orange County, so it doesn't have to be too close, but we don't want to drive too far out of our way. Ideas?

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  1. There are TONS of bigscreens in the new Barney's Beanery in Westwood Village (in the place that used to be Stratton's, on the west side of Broxton south of Weyburn). Now opinions may vary on the quality of the food, but at least there is a huge selection. If you can't find a meter, which shouldn't be too difficult earlyish on Sunday, there is a public parking building across the street.

    1. Busby's and The Parlor are in Santa Monica. Popular sports bars. Don't know about the food.

      A little far from the 405 at Manchester and LIncoln in Westchester is Thompkins Square, Great hamburgers, 21 beers on tap and a lot of TV screens for football.

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        Or, especially if you happen to be an Eagles fan, The Shack on Wilshire Blvd. for a little football and a Shack burger with the butterflied, grilled hot link added to the burger.

        Shack Restaurant Santa Monica
        2518 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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          The Parlor closed for good. South, though, is closer to the 405 on Wilshire, has a lot of screens and decent sports bar fare. And there's always Q's, which is a stone's throw from the 405 on Wilshire, decent food and a sufficient number of TVs.

        2. If you are trying to be efficient and not have to go too far out of the way then I recommend Q's. Decent bar food and good screen set up. You even have booths with with personal screens which you can then turn up the volume as to hear your own game. Also, I think pool is free all day on Sunday.

          Servorg is right about the Shack having great food and Eagles bar. Across the street in Sonny's, which also has decent food and is a Patriots bar. Beer and Wine only there.

          While South is also an option, I am not a big fan of the food. The screen set up there is decent though - a few TV's outside (on Wilshire though - same with Q's).

          1. Keep in Mind that Sports Bars & "Good" food usually don't go together.