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Nov 11, 2010 02:30 PM

The Burger needs a bun,Got ideas?

What is it Brooklyn For your burger enjoyment . Do you prefer a Eggy slights sweet Brioche bun? A parker house style bun? A a dense potato roll.? Seeds or no seeds?Brushed with butter or not? Toasted or untoasted? I feel privileged that these are the difficult debates in my life.

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  1. I'm actually fairly relaxed about bun choice--there's much to say for each of the choices and their attributes. However, my least favorite option is the brioche . Too sweet, too unyielding--just not what I want. Unfortunately it is the choice of several really good burger places. My impression is that their better judgment is clouded by the cachet of 'class' that the brioche confers. And of course that may have nothing to do with nothing and maybe the brioche is someone's first and best choice.

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      I agree with you John.My last burger place used a brioche bun .It was to sweet for me as well.

    2. whatever it is, it's gotta be heated up. I'm not a big toasted fan, but I like it grilled a bit.

      1. The pretzel bun at Building on Bond. Mmmm tasty. And I'm with Jeff. It's gotta be warm.

        Building on Bond
        112 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        1. Burger mechanics are tough for restaurants to understand. The "food porn" pictures we see of burgers emphasize larger buns or buns with too thick or not thick enough outer skin. All the bun should do is assist in the trip by the teeth and the tongue to the meat. It should offer the right amount of resistance and add a bit of flavor. That's it. Paradoxically, the burgers that take the worst pictures are often the ones that taste and work out to be the best.

          1. Hope I don't have to be from Brooklyn to weigh in on this one. =) Always loved either an onion bun, sesame seed bun, or wheat bun. Toasted or at least grilled or warmed is great, too!