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Nov 11, 2010 01:08 PM

Fayetteville Indian Buffet

We frequently visit friends in Fayetteville. He's a fried chicken and NC barbeque kind of guy but has expressed an interest in trying Indian but thinks a buffet will give him a chance to try a variety of items to find some he'll like. This is quite a leap of faith for him. With Fort Bragg so close, I'm hoping there will be some Indian (and other ethnic) restaurants y'all could recommend.

Mary Ellen

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  1. Spent several months there in 2008. I found 2 really good Thai places in Spring Lake: Thai Esan and Sawwaddee. Both are owned by really nice people. The lady at Thai Esan grows her own herbs. I was a woman alone and had great dinners often at both. Thai Esan has a buffet at lunch and, while I don't usually like buffets, I can recommend it and the price is right.

    Thai Esan Restaurant
    803 N Main St, Spring Lake, NC 28390

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      Sue Thanks for the recommendations. I generally agree re buffets, Rich wants to see it; poke it; etc., before he orders it. We vacation in Myrtle Beach a couple of times a year and now he wants to try the upscale Brazilian "buffet" so he can try 1 lamb chop and has a beef fall back plan if if the lamb doesn't work out for him. Mary Ellen