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Nov 11, 2010 12:51 PM

Sip vs. Purple

Any feelings on which is better?

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  1. I find them so similar you could forget which one you decided to go to. From style of food, flights and ambiance, evenfurniture! I enjoy both, but just don't find anything that stands out between them.

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    1. re: bluedog67

      That's what I figured. Gonna try Sip this weekend. Thanks, as always!!

        1. re: GreenLakeDave

          Purple appears to have a HH at the Bellevue location but not the others - and the Bellevue one only runs til 5:30

    2. The advantage to Sip is an outdoor patio, but not so much in November. Also, I really like Sip's lounge seating, more so than Purple. Both are adequate to very good if you are downtown, but not worth traveling for--nothing to special. I admit to being biased to local wines, so their international flights do not seem carefully planned to me.