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Nov 11, 2010 12:16 PM

JFX Farmers Market

Can someone give me information about how to get to the JFX Farmer's market and parking tips, coming from Columbia? Or send a link with the information? I saw that it's under the viaduct, but I have no clue where the viaduct is or, again, where we'd park. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Did you google it:

    Getting to the Market
    Click on the link below to mapquest the Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar, which is close to Sonar, a local venue.

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    1. re: Teddybear

      For this Farmers Market, I think you have to park on the street, across the street from the sonar even... should be able to see it from the front entrance of Sonar.

    2. We always come down Greenmount and park on Hillen about a block from the market, where there are plenty of spots (this is the opposite side from Sonar). There is a credit card parking meter machine that most people say is unnecessary but for a buck I won't risk it. Besides, gotta pay for Sheila Dixon's pension somehow!

      Have fun. The JFX Farmers Market is possibly the best thing in all of Baltimore.

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      1. re: kukubura

        From DC just drive up on 95, or BW parkway, or route 1, then look for Pratt street heading towards the Inner Harbor. Along the way the US 83 north signs usually begin to show up. Follow that 83 North sign and you will run right into the market on Sundays. The way back is almost as simple, any route south will run you into streets going west that will display 95 South signs. Hint, once there, plug the location into your GPS.