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Nov 11, 2010 11:08 AM

Kosher in San Francisco

Kosher eating is such a "dynamic" activity in the Bay Area, that i'm not sure what is still around today from two years ago.
Can someone suggest Kosher establishments that are currently open (Kitchen Table excluded)? Any decent pizza stores around?

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  1. You may have better luck searching on the Kosher board. Sabra Grill (in Chinatown) is kosher and an Israeli style grill.

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      Sabra is expensive and not that good, but it's the only game in that part of town.

      1. re: zsero

        It's not super expensive, but it is on the higher priced side. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad.. it was kind of eh when we went... but like you said... only place in town.

    2. do not make the mistake I made of taking a non Jewish collegiate to Sabra

      1. If you are willing to eat in strictly vegetarian or vegan places, there are some awesome places in the Bay area. Cha Ya in Berkeley and Millennium in SF are my favorites. There are also raw food places.

        1. Heading to San Francisco on business. Anything new? or especially good?

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            was just there about a month ago, the only kosher restaurant in san francisco itself, is sabra, and i hate saying this, but avoid it if you was terrible and expensive.
            the kosher supermarket/restaurant closed (it was called "tel aviv"), and there's another kosher supermarket (Israel's meat market), which we found out afterwards isn't so trustworthy.
            about 45 mins south is The kitchen table, which was very good, and nice, and there are some restaurants in oakland which are supposedly good, but we didn't try it out

            1. re: koshergastronome

              Sabra is so dreadful that I prefer to walk to Whole foods and eat bread and cheese. WH also has kosher wine. It's a short walk from the downtown business hotels.

              Shangra-La, the veggie Chinese place in the Sunset with a hechscher from the local Va'ad is a pleasant veggie Chinese place, you know: moss and fungus on the menu. Seriously, the food is pretty good and you can even take coleagues if you tell them it's aneighborhood-type veggie Chinese place. It's not too far, if you have time, and you can take a trolley to get there.

              But I always hope that the Lotus Garden will be reincarnated. In its old location.

          2. Israel Kosher Meat and Poultry and Deli - in Richmond, 5621 Geary Blvd. between 20th and 21st. (415 752 3064) The takeout here is quite good. In addition to deli meats and salads, they do nice home-style cooking. And luscious pastry. I went once, and brought food to the hotel for Shabbos. I've gotten take-out from Sabra for Shabbos on previous trips. the food from Israel Kosher is much better. Simple things like chicken meat balls and fried fish. But nicely done. It made a lovely Shabbos.

            This is the only kosher shop in San Francisco. Berkley/Oakland and the South Bay (Palo Alto) have others.