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Nov 11, 2010 09:49 AM

Soldier and 13 yr old daughter on a mission to find good food

In town on leave for one more day and want to take 13 yr. old daughter who wants to try interesting food, but kid likeable, not fancy, just unique to her palet (not pizza). I am in OC but have to travel to LA in a few hours...any suggestions??

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  1. How about Wurstkuche?

    800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

    1. Very (very) unfancy (food court) but would she enjoy slurping some noodles at one of the best (if not THE best) ramen place in Southern California?

      Santouka Ramen
      21515 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

      Santouka Ramen
      665 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

      3760 S Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066

      1. How and Shin Sen Gumi (it is next door to the Ramen place in the link) in Fountain Valley. It is a lot of fun with all sorts of skewers of meat bbq'ed over Japanese charcoal. Fun and load with the whole staff shouting greetings to every one coming and going.

        Shin Sen Gumi Hakata Ramen
        18315 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

        1. If you will be in LA tonight, maybe check out the Artwalk. There'll be a bunch of food trucks there, and between you and your daughter you can sample all the interesting and kid likeable grub to your heart's content.

          And, thank you for your service.

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            just a quick artwalk a safe thing to attend with a child? never been and not sure how rowdy it gets at night around 6-9pm..

            1. re: samtron608

              There are all sorts of loons out there so if you're afraid of that sort of thing you shouldn't go. Realistically, driving to the artwalk is more unsafe than the artwalk.

              1. re: samtron608

                No, it's fine. No worse than, say, walking around the Santa Monica Promenade on a Friday or Saturday night, or even the Venice boardwalk on an August afternoon.

                Plus, she's with a soldier ... I don't think her father (or perhaps mother) will be taking crap from anyone. Just sayin.

            2. Thanks for your service, G.I., and God bless you and your daughter, especially on Veteran's Day.

              Take her to Rustic Canyon ( ) for an outstanding burger or other delicious dishes in a casually sophisticated setting that will make her feel grownup.


              Rustic Canyon Wine Bar
              1119 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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              1. re: Harry Niletti

                Yes to Wurstkuche.

                And very much yes to our thanks to you for what you do!

                800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013