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Nov 11, 2010 09:48 AM

Elegant Sunday Brunch Buffets in and around Toronto

Hi all! I'm new to this site and I wanted to have some of your input. What are some nice, elegant, trendy places in and around toronto to have sunday brunch at? I don't mean like "Muddy Ducks" or "Golden Griddle" I mean more along the lines of "The Old Mill Inn and Spa" in Etobicoke. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Old Mill
21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

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    1. re: T Long

      The King Eddie, for sure (though I shuold note that although it's "nice" and "elegant" it's not "trendy" in the least). I note that it's mentioned in the thread T Long provided the link to.

      1. re: torontofoodiegirl

        The Old Mill hasn't been "trendy" since the 1860s.

        Old Mill
        21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

        1. re: Herb

          That's so funny!...and sad, because the exaggeration points to the truth. This place needs a seriious makover.

      1. Not a buffet but fits the trendy, nice, elegant and great good - Globe Bistro.

        I think that the Royal York and King Eddie both do nice brunches but trendy they are not. More my nana's than my best friend's kind of place.

        1. The original comment has been removed