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5 Guys coming to Erin Mills Town Centre

Saw "Coming soon" on the website.

It also says "Coming soon" to the one in Kingston which as I understand has been open for a while.

Can anyone attest to the status of this??


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  1. I'm interested as well, my wife and I have been craving this since trying Five Guys in Ohio last month. We saw one outside Boston two weeks ago, got excited, parked and tried the door. They were not opening for another week...argh. We also missed out on Pinkberry while there which had its opening delayed a week.

    1. What a strange choice of location... It's not too far from me though

      1. Went to the 5 fellows spot in San Diego about a month a go for the first time, and really liked it, had the burger of course and the cajun fries(note: hotel room smelled like said fries for the rest of the night), but loved them both.
        My biggest problem with them coming to TO is what does a person have to do to get a great burger(and I think this is) in the western side of TO? Love the cow at Burger Priest, but it's a bit of a drive(especially with the construction in TO these days). I'm thinking a location around Bloor and Dundas would be ideal. :)

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          Any updates on the opening in Mississauga?

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            trying to get a co-worker to do a drive by for me for an update. Also noticed that there is a location in Woodbridge going up as well.

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              Thanks. I would drive down but I reside in Markham so not very close. However, I will drive far to try new restaurant openings.

        2. The Kingston one is open and delish!

          1. for the record, the Mississauga location is actually going to be at South Common Mall at Erin Mills & Burnhamthorpe instead of Erin Mills Town Centre

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              Yesterday I was up at Brampton City Centre shopping mall (Dixie & 410) and noticed that in one of the buildings across the mall (on Peel Centre Drive) there was a sign advertising a future 5 Guys burger joint.

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                For those anxiously awaiting the Erin Mills location opening it's this Saturday, the 15th at 11 am.

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                  Does anyone know when the one in Woodbridge is opening up? Mississauga is a real trek for me.

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                    where is the woodbridge location going to be?

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                    Thanks Caper3375, haven't been able to get to the area to check it out personally. Guess I have lunch plans for a day next week now.

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                      Just finished eating at the Erin Mills location. Very very busy and just as good as any of the US locations I've been to, although a little pricier. They also have a smaller menu, no hot dogs - which my daughter was looking for. So so so good. I'm glad it's not right around the corner from my house as that wouldn't be good for staying in shape.

                      1. re: Caper3375

                        Great news.

                        I don't know why we don't seem to have hot dogs 'round these parts


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                          Glad you enjoyed it Caper, I'm in the US next week so i'll cross it off my list for down there and stick with another favorite or two.
                          Website still has it listed as coming soon, so no menu but hours posted as 11am-10pm.

                  3. Just came back from the Mississauga location, it was very busy even at 9PM. Signs all over the place say 7 days a week until 10PM (IIRC). It's at Burnhamthorpe & Erin Mills

                    Menu is really short, hamburger/cheeseburger/bacon cheeseburger or little burger/cheeseburger/bacon cheeseburger. Choice of cajun fries or regular fries. No chicken sandwich of any sort that I saw. Grilled cheese sandwich for $2.99 sounded intriguing and heard plenty of them being ordered. Free peanuts to eat while you wait for them to call your number. Their regular burgers are 2 patties equalling 7oz. and the "little" burgers are single patty 3.5oz. The "regular" bacon cheeseburger was $8.79 before tax for just the burger I believe. After adding a regular cajun fries, tax included, it was roughly 14 bucks

                    Tons of teenagers working in bright red shirts behind the line, at least 10 people on the cooking stations..

                    The sign under the burger ordering area indicates burgers are only cooked to "juicy but well done" and yeah the burger was grey and fully cooked, but it was "juicy" (how much of that is grease though I wonder). Patties seem to be minimally seasoned, just good old fashioned griddled beef. Cheese is regular bright yellow american cheese which melts but stays thick, bacon was a decent amount but very thin. The one thing that stood out were the disappointing pickles topping for the burger. Not alot of flavor and sliced into coin shapes.. I was hoping for a good dill pickle slice or a new pickle slice

                    Bags of potatoes all over the place, including the ordering lineup area. Cajun fries is an interesting idea but I was sick of the 'seasoning' after I ate some of them. Also they were over seasoned IMO, too overpowering. Will definitely 100% opt for the plain fries, which are indeed fresh cut, next time.

                    Good stuff! Let's hope it stays consistent. Also they need gravy for the fries badly, I'm not ketchup crazy and i didn't care for the cajun seasoning

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                      Basically overpriced for what you get. Definitely not worth it compared to Craft Burger or ANY of the other gourmet burger places which offer a more complete menu. Heck I'd take South St over 5 Guys. At least they cook til pink and offer gravy for the fries. The Cajun fries use the exact same seasoning you find at NY fries in the shaker. A simple menu is one thing but completely stripping it down like 5 Guys makes no sense. How can you serve burgers and not offer milkshakes??

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                        South St. over Five Guys? That's a little over the top. Gonna have to say no way on that one.. South St is awful

                        1. re: sbug206

                          Being an American chain that's new in Canada, probably best not to expect an offering of gravy with the fries. Gravy with fries in the states really isn't done aside from some of the 24 hour greek diners.

                        2. re: duckdown

                          Just made the trip to 5 guys today, It was around 8:30 and I remembered they were open til 10 so i headed over(from scarborough) to meet a buddy and grab a burger.

                          My first impressions?

                          Well, its a nice location, nice and clean with the potato's and peanut oil basically on display in the front. I grabbed some peanuts but I noticed the floors were a little too clean for the type of place that normally offers peanuts(they tend to encourage you to toss shells on the ground). After eating I asked one of the kids working their if I should toss my shells on the floor and he gave me a look like "dont make a mess for me!". Well, I kept it clean, but I do like the type of place where you toss shells on the ground!

                          Anyway... The Menu was pretty good, I loved that they had free toppings, especially the grilled mushrooms. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger along with a regular cajun fries and pop. The first thing I noticed when I got my order were how many fries there were! The cup they come in was full too the top, and there was atleast an equal amount in the bag!

                          I started with the Burger and it was pretty big I must say. The toppings were nice and fresh, but like Duck, I had an issue with the pickles. They were way too thick cut. The pickles should be half as thick if you ask me, and I wish more places did long slices like Harveys but thats another topic...

                          The burger meat itself was pretty good, but it wasnt super juicy like I was expecting, but it was definetely way better than any other franchise in the city. The only burger I have to compare with is Burger Priest. I just find that BP has a juicier burger then 5G, Maybe its because BP griddle smashes the burgers and 5G kinda forms them in the morning during prep, and their burger patties are flatter then BP.

                          I did like the burger but it just wasnt as much as a flavor revelation as the first time I tried BP. Ill be back if im in the area sometime, but im not going to make the mission just for it. Its not as much of a destination spot as BP, but its something that burger lovers should definetely try.

                          On to the fries. To be honest, it was great that there was a ton of them but they just werent anything to write home about. My batch of cajun fries were a bit dry and underwhelming. Im not sure how they make them but Id guess that they werent blanched and then fried. I like a good fry with just a bit of salt, but these fries needed ketchup imho.

                          Overall Id say it was still a good meal, but at $15 its a bit steep. They gave so many fries for the regular size that it would be pointless to buy large unless you wanted to feed a family. Im a big guy and I could have easily split the regular fries with my friend. The fries were on the otherhand were a bit of a weakpoint and i might skip them next time. BP on the otherhand has great fries, cooked perfectly and lightly salted, they dont need ketchup at all. Id say BP and Real McCoy have the best fries in the city.

                          Duck is right the fries need a gravy because they arent great on their own.

                          1. re: jmarcroyal

                            I actually went there again today and I had a bit of a better experience. I decided to grab the small cheeseburger and regular fries this time. The fries were a lot better today in my opinion. I would say they werent as dry and boring as the first time, they had maybe a big more cajun seasoning(last time not much at all) and the fries were a bit crisper. They didnt require the ketchup this time, which is a good thing.

                            Also, I opened up my single burger and to my surprise and delight, there were 2 patties instead of 1!

                            I love it when mistakes work out in my favor:)

                          2. re: duckdown

                            I love my steaks, roasts, chops rare to medium rare, but I will NEVER eat a hamburger cooked less than well done from a restaurant chain serving mass produced beef. I'm surprised many are willing to take the "risks". Maybe I'm too paranoid.

                            1. re: Apprentice

                              It doesn't have to be overcooked to be safe. 160F is enough to kill bacteria and leave a pink burger. You just need someone good enough to cook it to that point.

                              1. re: sbug206

                                I understand that. However, most restaurant chains are staffed with "teenage rookies" and they probably don't have time to temperature check every patty (or the $ to implement an automated cooking machine, which would require a standardized size patty, which is tantamount to McDs at that point). Like I said I'm probably a little too paranoid about hamburgers. Anyways, I don't want to take this thread off tangent.

                                I do look forward to trying this place very shortly.

                          3. Folks, we know that with restaurant openings, there's a natural tendancy to speculate about what it will mean, etc, but we'd ask that you please try to keep the discussion here pretty focused on the outposts opening in Ontario -- where and when, whether they're good and what the other alternatives are for that type of food, and not get into larger issues of one largely American chain vs. another (which would really be best discussed on the Chains board if it's going to be discussed at all). Thanks.

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                            1. re: The Chowhound Team

                              Since the discussion about U.S. chains in Canada has continued, we've split it to the Chains board. You can find it at link below.


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                                At least there are options for people in the 'burbs.

                                Does anyone know if 5 Guys is infamous for a specific burger? Or a house specialty?

                                1. re: 5andman

                                  They only have like 4 burgers, Regular, Cheese, Bacon, Bacon and Cheese. You can get it as a single(which is labled as small) or a double, which would be their regular burger. If I were to guess, their more famous burger would be the double cheeseburger(or regular as I said).

                                  If anything, Id say the burger patty itself is what its known for, which is a fresh burger cooked on the flat top, and they also dont have freezers or microwaves on site because freshness is what they are all about. I dont know if their fries are a selling point or not, but they do offer cajun fries which are so far in my experience kinda hit or miss, which id assume is the same for their regular fries(same price for either).

                                  They do give a ton of fries, so dont get the large, get the regular. They seem to fill the fry cup to the top and toss an equal amount into the bag, and If I were to guess, Id say a lot more fries then a large/supersize fries from any other burger place.

                                  1. re: jmarcroyal

                                    I'd say their fries are a selling point since they go to lengths of pointing out where they came from.
                                    I don't get all the hatred of their fries. They've always been fantastic when I've gone. That said, I haven't been to the one here. Only in Alabama.

                                    As for the burger. It's the "Classic American" burger they're offering. "Diner style" as I call it. Fresh ground and done on a flat top. It's what McD's (though no longer fresh ground ) offers but well above that in terms of quality. The Priest is doing the same thing only several notches above still.


                                    1. re: Davwud

                                      I am in Florida(Aventura) this month and just tried this place in the 'food court' at Aventura Mall....I had the 'hot dog' & fries...I was really impressed with the 'hot dog'...it was 'split in half and grilled and I thought it was great, the fries were really good as well...I had never heard of this 'chain'..in fact , I didn't realise they were a chain! Are there more locations in Toronto, hopefully not all in the suburbs?

                                      1. re: pearlD


                                        There is one more opening in the area and it's in a suburb. After that we don't know.

                                        I think it's just a matter of time. They're expanding pretty well in the US and are just starting to put their foot down in Canada


                                        1. re: Davwud

                                          thanks Davwud...I know I'm missing Toronto when I crave a Hot Dog (only from the carts on the street!). Had Nathan's Skinless Hot Dogs while here, truthfully, don't know what the 'fuss' is about???

                                          1. re: pearlD

                                            That's fine. I do. I bring back dozens when I come home.


                            2. Could someone please explain to me everyone's fascination with Five Guys? I visited one for the first time when I was visiting my mother in Florida. Everyone there was raving about them. I was unimpressed. The menu is lame. They only offer American "cheese" and the burgers are almost always overcooked grey, disgusting. A slight step up from McDonalds was my first impression. The only explanation I can think of for everyone loving this place is that they have never had a truly good burger. Such a shame.

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                                Well first of all, this franchise seemingly more than any other suffers from inconsistency from store to store. I'd suggest you may have been to a bad one but if everyone else was raving perhaps you just don't care for the type of burger they sell.

                                I like the menu. I don't see a problem with not serving 700 different things. Its a burger joint. That's what they sell. Don't want a burger, go somewhere else.

                                There's also the great debate over how to cook a burger. I like them best on a flat top. Perhaps you don't. That's fine. I also don't have this militant idea that a burger HAS to be pink inside or it's worthless.

                                I think the best cheese for a burger happens to be American. You don't. That's fine too.

                                So to sum it up, perhaps you just don't get it. There's nothing wrong with that. I've been to places and don't get it either. But if people like it, so be it.


                                1. re: Davwud

                                  My problem with the menu has more to do with the lack of options for my burger than the number of total items. I don't want 700 different things, but for specifically a burger joint, I should be able to pick a decent cheese.

                                  And yes, they don't know how to make a good burger. They overcook intentionally, and they also actually press the burger flat... the result, overcooked, flat, grey burger, instead of the juicy goodness that a burger should be. Also, it's not difficult or expensive to make a good burger, which makes it all the more upsetting that so few people seem to know how to do it - or maybe so few people get it... but most probably, so few people have experienced it so they don't know any better. I find that most Five Guys locations are in areas with a dearth of decent culinary options... Usually in suburban areas.

                                  The problem when people like crap is that it becomes the standard.

                                  1. re: jasonr94102

                                    I just don't think it's crap. For a chain burger I've found it to be quite good. Lots of people have. I'm not gonna debate over whether your burger was "Overcooked" because I wasn't there. I've had nothing but juicy burgers from the one we go to almost all the time. Even had a tinge of pink a couple times. We went to another once and it wasn't as good.

                                    It's tough to find a place that doesn't cook to well. Lawyers and all you know. In Ontario (AFAIK) the law is you can cook to pink if you grind on site. Grinding on site is a lot to ask for in a burger chain.

                                    As far as people liking crap, just look around. It's everywhere. Crap movies, crap television, crap music, crap food. You expect a little more, most people don't.


                              2. I finally had the opportunity to try them out. The restaurant space is very large for a burger joint and was on the empty side. They had ample staff on hand. I ordered a cheeseburger, with my standard toppings: lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard & onion as well as a side of regular fries. I really enjoyed the burger! If they keep putting out burgers like this they will be my favourite burger chain. My preference is to have a predominately "beefy" taste with my burger with my condiments complimenting the burger and Five Guys delivered! The burger was moist and flavourful. The fries were too salty for my taste, I had to add a lot of ketchup to mask the saltiness; though the portion size was huge.

                                I'll be revisiting later in the week.

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                                1. re: Apprentice

                                  Just curious, does anyone know if the Five Guys has opened up in Vaughan yet?

                                    1. re: callitasicit

                                      Vaughan location is now open. Stopped by there for lunch today around 1PM and it was not busy at all. It did take at least 10 minutes to get my food after ordering despite only two other orders ahead of mine, but I would concur with the comments posted earlier - burger was good, fries were great - very similar to New York Fries. Wait for food was likely due to new staff still learning the ropes. Will try again in a few weeks and hopefully it will be quicker.

                                      1. re: jono523

                                        Where exactly in the VM area is it??


                                        1. re: Davwud

                                          It's not at Vaughan Mills, but on SW corner of Weston Road and Hwy 7 (7600 Weston Road).


                                  1. The one at South Common Mall (Erin Mills Pkwy) is open! I drove by the location last night because I was in the area and was curious to see if it had open yet.

                                    Haven't tried the food yet though, I hope it's good!!

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                                    1. re: melly02

                                      Well, I was not impressed. The fries were plentiful, I will give them that and not oversalted. However, the burgers are put in the bottom of the bag, the fries are in a cup and then an extra portion of fries are thrown in the top of the bag. Hence, you have to dig them out and put them on a napkin or something in order to get your burger out. No gravy as was stated previously. Burger was just OK, kind of bland to be honest. Bun was totally crushed and paper thin. I asked for BBQ and pickles on the side, but didn't get either. Lined up again after I finished to get a burger to go, but only 1 cashier for a giant line, and then the debit machine broke. Put my order in and waited 10 mins for a "little" (one patty) bacon burger. Sigh. I had high hopes. Will give it one more shot to see if anything changes.

                                      1. re: Evenshorter

                                        best bet is to go at off peak times, shorter lines and better service. I agree the "little" burgers arent enough, you really gotta get the regular, and that does the job. I agree the fries are all a jumbled mess in the bag, but its not that hard to get the burger out, just a bit annoying is all.

                                        1. re: jmarcroyal

                                          I was there at 3:30, so thought I was early enough to beat the dinner rush. I was also peeved because as I mentioned, they only had one cash open. 2 employees came in (while I was lined up) and put their own orders into the other cash. First I thought, OK, l they are starting their shift soon. Nope. I was waiting for my order and they were talking and goofing around with all the staff doing the cooking, and were still doing so after I left.
                                          While my hands were clean, I still didn't like putting them into a bag of hot fries to rummage around for the burgers. God, I'm getting and sounding so old...

                                        2. re: Evenshorter

                                          I agree that it was messy to have bag filled with fries. I took a couple of the paper containers they leave for you to put peanuts into, and filled them up with my fries to make it a bit easier to eat.

                                          I also liked that they had malt vinegar for the fries. I am curious if their US locations offer vinegar for the fries, and whether it is the ubiquitous white vinegar, or the tasty malt vinegar.

                                          1. re: jono523

                                            They definitely do. Five Guys originated in my home stomping grounds of northern VA, and the bottles of malt vinegar are one of the small touches I like about them.

                                            Gravy may take them a while, as it's definitely not a part of the original model, but who knows...they may adapt for the Canadian clientele at some point. :)

                                      2. I was at the Kingston location a couple of days ago, and I've been to locations in Florida and DC.

                                        While I'm not a fanatic (my personal preference is for grilled, rather than griddle top), I do find 5 Guys a cut above most fast food burger joints. Yes, it's a bit gimmicky - free peanuts in the shell while you wait, overloading the bag with fries - but that's all part of the fun. At least they actually make fries from fresh cut potatoes - very few places do that, and for me that alone is a reason to go to a burger place, over one with frozen fries. At my visit to the Kingston location, I really liked the fries - thought they were excellent.

                                        I'm reading some find the cost high for what you get - not surprised about this, as costs are lower in US, where 5 guys is therefore more of a bargain. But food costs in the US are a lot lower - chains can buy beef much cheaper than in Canada.

                                        I find it amazing how some people are so nuts over 5 guys :) I remember watching a TV documentary on Barack Obama where the reporter spent a day with him in the White House soon after he was elected - an amusing segment showed Obama taking the limo to 5 guys to bring back burgers for himself and his staff. Even the big chief is a fan!

                                        White House
                                        95 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

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                                        1. re: FresserGuy

                                          I could not agree more Fresserguy... I personally don't believe the 5 guys or TBP hype. I tried 5 guys at South common on Saturday and although I was satisfied I was not WOW!!! The current trend appears to be a thin formed patty of fresh meat burger. If that’s what I’m getting I can run over to Metro, purchase some ground meat, form a patty myself and make that in my own frying pan (fancy name for flattop) My mother’s been doing this for 100 years who knew she was gourmet? lol