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Top Chef Just Desserts Anniversary Cakes Episode (Spoiler)

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No one started one yet? Okay, here we go...I won't do a blow-by-blow, but just observations.

Sad to see Yigit losing his focus so completely. He's damned lucky he slipped through again.

Morgan often seems to be channeling a 4-year-old. Tiresome...

Zach absolutely lost it with what he himself referred to as a cake mess (not his exact words). He knew he'd be leaving after that cake.

Danielle - who would have ever thought she'd do so well? She may be an annoying personality, but she's been creating flavors the judges like.

What now? By the preview, it looked like Yigit feels he's got his mojo back. We'll see...

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  1. I cannot stand Morgan. He may be talented, but what a hose. My opinion is also colorered by experiences a relative had with him at a contest in Texas. Zach was funny and I am sorry to see him go, but he just couldn't keep up with the others on these challenges. Lordy I hope Yigit's mojo comes back! His mojo needs to do battle with the Moanganster's snark. Danielle has some annoying personality quirks, however they apperar to be more "eccentric artist" rather than malevolent. She kind of goes off to her own little planet and creates.

    Remember, all of this happened a while ago, and the contest has already been decided. What we are seeing is exactly what the editing demons want us to see & and our perceptions are manipulated by that editing.

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      Morgan is a playground bully in an adult body. Can't stand him. His cake for Sylvia and Ben was absurdly simple. Based on all of his homophobic remarks throughout the season, I also wonder if he dost protest too much.

      Danielle tends to be much too literal in her designs. Sylvia worse a gray dress? Let's make a gray cake! Unfortunately, dark gray is completely unappetizing for an anniversary cake.

      I'm kind of sorry to see Yigit lose it the last couple of weeks. Sure, he was immature with his Team Diva thing, but he's young. I still think he's the most talented one left, if he can just stop trying to do too much and too many things he's never done before.

      That leaves Zach. His cake was a disaster. There was no way the judges could keep him.

    2. Certainly, it seems that Morgan's true colors are out. And, based on the questions to him at the judges table, it seems like the judges are onto him. I am happy Danielle won. The comments about her cake were the most positive of everyone's, but I got a little worried when they started going off on the color. Gray WAS a weird choice for a cake, but she at least explained it. I haven't really liked her in this competition, and I don't think she can win it, but it seems she won this challenge fair and square. Anybody but Morgan please!

      I think it Yigit's to lose - but he needs to snap back into the game!

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        I was rooting for Danielle this time in both challenges, once it was down to her and Morgan. But battleship grey cake? Really?? None of them really stepped up, and I suspect it's the absurd lack of time on these challenges that came up with such poor showings overall.

        Hope Yigit gets it back together. Or, if they get old contestants to work with for the finale, that Heather comes back and kicks ass with Yigit. Although...it'd be funny if they brought the first three to go back as helpers...

        One last thing...when Zack said something really mean about whoever he said it about (Danielle? Morgan?) I imagined the producer questioning him saying "what's the absolute worst thing you'd say about X who is obviously a no-talent jerk?"

      2. I am so over this show. :-(

        And WTF is a "sport-injected" car?

        1. Though I've been half-heartedly watching this, I can't wait for it to end. The cast could have used a better culling process and for the life of me I can't understand why the producers choose to feature so much ugliness. I hope Yiggit wins, then show is never mentioned again.

          1. I think the fact that, this late in the competition, the winner made major mistakes vs. in other TCs where it's small errors that sends a person home shows the level of competition here. The minute Danielle said she was making a gray cake, we all moaned. And, then she stuck by it. At least Zack knew his cake was a wreck. And, why isn't Morgan being called out more for sticking with safe, basic Cake decorating 101?

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              I think they called him out on that cake design at judging. I was worried at first, they didn't seem to have much negative to say about the cake, but then at judging they pointed out that such a simple cake needed to be perfect, and his shell border had gaps, etc. But I can't even imagine what Zac was thinking - his cake was a hilarious mess. It was hard to feel bad for him, it was SO far off track.

              1. re: jeanmarieok

                They did call him out somewhat but seemed to gloss over it and say the simple cake was perfect for the occasion. Yes, but it's a competition so more than simple is needed. Even as Zac started frosting his cake, with the swirls of white and blue, I couldn't figure out where it could go that would look nice in the end. And, Zac was rude at the end w/ saying Morgan didn't care and shouldn't win. Really? As if the judges were going to hear that and decide to eliminate Morgan for not showing emotions. I didn't dislike Zac until this episode.

            2. omg. what was Zac thinking? that cake was a hot mess.
              I thought Danielle shouldn't have been quite so literal, I really did not like the color of her cake! IMO, she could have some some lovely grey swirl-type decoration with her pink roses and it would have been much prettier.
              ITA with the comments about Morgan. bully, obnoxious, arrogant. REALLY not liking him and I hope he doesn't win!
              I hope Yigit takes the judge's comments to heart and is able to restrain himself in the final challenge! I lost track of what flavor his cake was, there were so many elements!

              1. The best part was the look on their faces when the "old guy's wife," stepped through the door and they all had a true WTF moment when they realized who they'd be baking for.

                1. This week was an all-round poor showing. Maybe it is, as someone else said, just too little time to create a decent cake. I never thought Danielle would make it to the top 3, but it did seem like she legitimately won this time (even if making a dark gray cake was completely boneheaded - and once again I was reminded of the armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias - "I don't even know how you would make gray icing!"). I couldn't believe the product Morgan put out - and not because he messed up or ran out of time, either! I can pipe frosting that looks better than that, seriously. And poor Yigit - he just seems to be lost these last two episodes. He needs to get it together for the finale. Zac had to go home for that hot mess he created, and I was disappointed that he didn't go out with more class. Whining to the judges that Morgan doesn't emote enough was pointless and stupid - and say what you will about Morgan, his response was totally appropriate and well-put, I thought.

                  I still think Morgan's going to win next week - but he needs to bring it more than he did in this episode!

                  1. I was very excited for TC Desserts to start, and now am very excited to see TC Desserts end. I have a feeling the Yigit's passive aggressive behavior has caught up with him, just like it with Spike in TC. The "I'm just playing the game" strategy almost always seems to backfire on these cooking competition shows.

                    Team Diva kicked the hornets nest and they've been reeling ever since. Zach clearly received the most benefit from his alliance, but there was nothing an alliance was going to do to save THAT cake.

                    Morgan, while clearly talented, would have done his image a huge favor by staying above the fray - the impression stays with people long after the show is over. While he may not be campy like the others, he's ever bit as catty.

                    Danielle is completely out of her league. Lucky to make the final three, but a complete afterthought as a contender.

                    Who wins? Well....a better question would be: Who cares? I'll watch the finale but it won't be with great anticipation. This season had way too many unlikeable characters. I also think that hoarding supplies should be grounds for disqualification.

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                    1. re: ladybugthepug

                      "I was very excited for TC Desserts to start, and now am very excited to see TC Desserts end."

                      Best line that sums up the show.

                    2. Don't get all the Danielle hate. Yes, she definitely squeaked through and probably doesn't deserve to be in the finale. But I find her quite amusing and interesting. Maybe I like annoying people.

                      I had Zach's deep-fried Whoopie pie last week, and it was really great. I've loved his desserts for a few years now, but it seemed that nobody talked about his food. I'm glad to see him get national recognition, but him throwing Morgan under the bus last second just made him look petty.

                      Am I rooting for anybody in particular? Not really. Am I happy that this is coming to an end and we'll see Top Chef All Stars soon? Definitely.

                      1. Danielle clearly merited her win, as it seems her cake had the best taste and texture. The gray was dumb, but I actually did like the design of her cake, excepting the color. She bugs, and there's no way she takes the competition, but I can't begrudge her this one.

                        I was surprised to hear Johnny comment that Yigit was the only one who actually flavored his buttercream. Seriously? Pastry chefs who don't consider it important to flavor the buttercream to complement the cake flavors - I just don't know. Also, I adore pate de fruit, and think it makes perfect sense on its own or as a layer in a bonbon, but I can't really imagine it working as a middle layer/filling in a cake.

                        Payard was really intense. That, coupled with his reputation in the chocolate and pastry world, definitely explains their being so intimidated.

                        I wonder what the ratings for TCJD have been like. It's certainly hard, as a viewer, to see any reason at all for another season of this mess.

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                        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                          So much of it is the casting... even look at TC itself - the Emmy year, they had a great cast, this past year, not at much (although not horrible).

                          I can't believe its the mentality of the pastry chef as a stereotype, but they have some total nutjobs in this cast. A show can get away with 1 or 2, but when you have more than that, it gets exponentially worse.. When one of your contestants has to be removed by ambulance with a nervous breakdown, you've made some casting mistakes..

                          I think you have to give this show another season.... I see some good points in Johnny as chief judge, and he should get better over time, and Gail is a pretty classy host. Try a new batch of chef's, see how it turns out.

                          1. re: grant.cook

                            I agree with the cast makeup, this season did nothing to put pastry chefs in a positive light. I think part of the problem is the gulf between the refinement of the professional pastry chef and a baker -it's huge, as opposed to a savory chef vs. say a hard knocks soul food restaurant owner. Plating and presentation (and how quickly they execute it) accounts for so much more in pastry. I have to seriously wonder about anyone who would make a gray cake (or at least that color gray), or one that looked like Zach's. I think the next incarnation needs a lot more apples to apples type contestants, whatever the talent level is.

                        2. I don't understand the intense Morgan-hate.

                          True, he can be crude but I don't find him to be the bully and homophobe many find him to be. He simply does not like Zac, for instance, not because he does not like all gay men. He appeared to get on well with Eric Wolitzky (who, by inference from Morgan's statement at one point that he and Seth were the only heterosexuals there, is presumed to be gay) if not anything else because he (Eric) did NOT act "like a little girl". I for one can't stand Zac's queeny flouncing - I think he gives gay people a bad name. Morgan has also shown restraint and humility when he wins, in my view, in contradiction to some opinions that have been expressed here and elsewhere. I doubt he purposely elbowed Heather. He did state that she should get out of the way if she can't play with the 'big boys' or words to that effect, but that is no more than what many like him would do or say. His comments have not been so off-the-wall or different from what others on the show have said - so it seems odd that he is held to be an utter villain.

                          Certainly, he is talented, quick and precise, has a wide range of skills, has gone the extra mile in many episodes (although maybe not in the elimination challenge in this last one)(his truffles in the Quickfire were complex and well executed) and has also readily congratulated people who won or were successful in various episodes, unlike almost all the others.

                          My opinion.

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                          1. re: huiray

                            Ditto. He also was accused of breaking Yigit's sugar vase, which looked like an accident to me. And I think Yigit should have put it in a safer place.

                            1. re: huiray

                              Agreed as well. In the end. I don't mind confidence - even bordering on arrogance -- on a competitive show especially if you have the talent to back it up. And Morgan has the talent. I grew tired of the Time Go-Diva early on, and while I was not bothered by Zac (in the same way one is not bothered by a cartoon character) I find Yigit insufferable, whiny and immature. Morgan's been the clear winner of this since about episode 5.

                            2. I still like Morgan and very much admire his skill. I do think it would be hilarious if Danielle won, though. People hate her faces and little voices so much. I think their heads would explode if she won.

                              I'm just glad Zack is gone. He was just so cute (gag).

                              Yigit could compete with Morgan but it seems once someone starts falling apart on these shows, they usually don't recover.