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Nov 11, 2010 08:17 AM

Have you ever tried corn muffin batter for waffles?

I was just dreaming of cornmeal waffles topped with chile, which I saw Paula Deen combine and looked good, but thought maybe I would want to try my favorite muffin batter, the Cooks Illustrated Best American Recipes version, which is very moist and a little sweet. Anyone ever tried this? If there's enough fat in the batter, it seems like it would translate well.

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  1. Something similar. I didn't use the exact recipe you mentioned; I just added some sour cream and chives to my regular corn muffin batter. They were exceptionally crisp, tender and delicious. You can also use that batter for hoe cakes and make them on a cast-iron griddle.

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      Thanks. Sour cream and chives sound like great additions for a savory waffle. Yum!