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Nov 11, 2010 08:13 AM

Carrott Cake

Does anybody have any suggestions for carrot cake? I can get to pretty much anywhere in the city or near suburbs.

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  1. My favorite is at Famous 4th St. Deli.

      1. Had a very good one lately from Whole Foods. It was convenient, and worked out well.

        Day by Day, at 21st and Sansom, has very good cakes and pies, but you would have to call and see what's available.

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          I also liked Whole Foods' carrot cake very much.

        2. I have heard from friends that Oteri's Bakery on 5th Street in Olney makes a very good carrot cake. And while you are there - pick up their sticky cinnamon buns - AWESOME!

          1. The Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill has the best carrot cake I have ever had!!