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Nov 11, 2010 08:08 AM

Awful Awful

I'm a bit surprised nobody has chimed in about the head to head competition of Awful Awful burgers on the awful show Food Wars. I've watched a few previous segments and have found them unappetizing, boring, and amateur. The original show was a battle of Italian beefs in Chicago, my hometown and it solved nothing. They used 2 joints that tourists would recognize but aren't considered the tops by locals.

That being said, when I noticed that Reno was featured, I tuned in. I've never had an awful awful so I can't judge the winner, which was the little Nugget. My preference would be a grilled burger as opposed to a greasy fried one. No matter the outcome or how stupid the show, any press is good press for the area.

I'm curious how the Reno chowhounds feel about the 2 different burgers.

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  1. The guy who owns the Little Nugget in downtown Reno is also a partner in the Wolf Den on North Virginia Street across from UNR. They serve the Awful Awful there, too, and I think that's the best burger in town. Nice beef and a great bun.
    For $6 you also get a Blue Thunder margarita in a 44-ounce sports bottle and refills are $5.
    I think the Awful Awful at John Ascuaga's Nugget used to be better in the 1980s. The Awful Awful at the Carson Nugget was highly variable this past decade.

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      I also prefer the Wolf Den's awful awful. When I was in college the atmosphere at the little nugget was always entertaining. I went there with my husband and daughter about a year ago and was not so enthralled.

    2. Hi, Andy,

      I've had the Awful Awful at the little Nugget downtown and recently at the Wolf Den near UNR. For me, the downtown location wins because of atmosphere, and because I think it was a better burger (though it's been quite a while since I was there, so maybe it's just better in memory). Not sure, but I think I've heard that they've done some remodeling there, too.

      I thought the Wolf Den was an uninteresting environment, unless you like sitting on uncomfortable, high chairs and using the odd ordering arrangement they have. The burger was OK, but honestly I thought the Reno burger I had a while back at 775 Gastropub or even the burger at Western Village was better.

      Last week I had a chiliburger at Jack's (Franktown), and it was pretty good, too, but the best burger is still the one I make at my house.

      As a side note, somewhat unrelated, if you want a good beef steak in Reno, try Hobey's. They have good food at a reasonable price.

      Haven't seen the show Food Wars, and doesn't sound like I should try to, either, given your comment.


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      815 Nichols Blvd, Sparks, NV 89434