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Nov 11, 2010 07:57 AM

Halal Turkey in Madison/Milwaukee

Can anyone help me find an halal turkey in Southern Wisconsin? We thought we had a bead on one and that fell through.


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  1. I posted several places that have halal meats in the
    "Ethnic Grocery Stores in Milwaukee" thread on this board - I would start there and make phone calls.

    if you do find one, please post where you got it from!

    Jon M

    1. This place was suggested by a friend:
      I know nothing about them myself however.

      1. Midamar offers Halal turkey and the convenience of ordering online and having it shipped directly to your home. Go to and look up turkey. The orders ship in insulated boxes with dry ice and arrive frozen.
        To get a turkey in time, I suggest ordering by latest this week (M, T, W) to receive your order by Friday and still have time to thaw the turkey out in your fridge a few days before Thanksgiving. I hope this helps.

        1. Here's what I found so far:

          Thanks to Jon, I got confirmation that Holy Land Grocery & Bakery, 27th Street in Milwaukee has halal turkeys. Black Earth Meats is looking into it. Halal Market, 2618 East Washington Avenue in Madison is looking into it. I gather they're checking with their distributor.

          Thanks everyone.

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            Places that have halal turkeys in Milwaukee (as of 2013):

            Holy Land Grocery & Bakery 2755 W Ramsey Ave Milwaukee, WI 53221 (414) 817-1959
            Attari Supermarket
            3042 S. 13th St.
            Milwaukee, WI 53215
            (414) 645-5880

          2. I do not know how closely Halal corrolates to Kosher, but for what it's worth, Trader Joe's had some very nice Glatt Kosher turkeys at Thanksgiving last year, and I expect they will again this year.

            Plus, In Milwaukee anyway there is The Kosher Meat Club at 4731 W Burleigh. I work in a hospital with many practitioners from Moslem countries, and many of them shop there.