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Nov 11, 2010 06:53 AM

Picnic ham in twin cities

I'm in search of the ham from my childhood (small town MN), which was moist but stringy. It seems like picnic ham might be what I'm looking for. Any tips on where to find picnic ham in the Twin Cities? Or any other ideas on how to buy a stringy, moist ham?

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  1. I have a large contingent of small town Minnesotans that show up every holiday season with moist stringy picnic hams on their minds. Your best best is at your regular supermarket - I'll usually pick up a Cook's brand at Rainbow. It's cheap (usually coupon-ed to the point of being practically *free*), it's tasty, and it does have that pleasant *stringiness.* The "semi-boneless" (???) is nice, as the semi-bone always ends up in soup. Caveat: if you're ham-gravy lovers, be careful; the saltiness can be a little problematic.