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Finding a Turducken??

Live in Morris County NJ trying to find a Turducken for Thanksgiving, anybody have any ideas where I can find one.

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  1. I have ordered it online from the cajun grocer. Try googling them.

      1. I just seen turducken in acme freehold what is it?

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        1. I know Kings Supermarkets carry cajun stuffed turducken breasts frozen. They're $35 each according to the website.
          I recommend calling and asking the meat department if they have them or ordering one.

          1. The butcher shop at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly has Turducken.

            1. You could also try ShopRite. This week's circular for my local store (Mount Laurel) lists Tur-Duc-Hen ($69.99!!!!). Maybe the spelling was changed so it's not thought of as Turd Uck.

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                That's about the right price, but it's approx 16 pounds of meat, only bones in the leg and wings, worth every penny.

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                  Old Thyme BBQ at the Stockton Market has fresh Turduchen 908-892-5806

              2. They have them in Shop Rite~