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Nov 11, 2010 05:52 AM

Vegetarian suggestions for Hanoi, Hoi An, Chiang Mai, or Bangkok?

Anyplace exceptionally delightful?

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  1. I'm heading for Hanoi in 1.5 weeks, saw this Yelp-esque site for expats that included a few vegetarian restaurants:

    Went to Chiang Mai and Bangkok last year, I don't think it'll be much of a stretch to find vegetarian dishes. In Bangkok, we mostly ate off the street though, I didn't really see many Thai restaurants.

    1. Here is a Chiangmai Blogger's travel menu: Although it is for general dining, Page #2 gives some good info about vegetarian, including the Thai script for "jay".

      Here's another resource: Between Bangkok and Chiangmai, there are over 150 listings.

      Surprisingly, Bangkok has quite a few "Thai" restaurants. ;-) Although we are not vegetarian, we found a great vegetarian stall at United Center Silom's 3rd floor food court. If around Silom, during weekday lunch, it might be worth a stop.

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        I don't think the HappyCow site is up to date, but I do agree with the recs in Chiang Mai for PunPun (at Wat Suan Dok), Khun Churn (100 B for the lunch buffet for about a year now), and Aum on Moon Maung Road.
        If fish sauce is not a problem, almost any restaurant will have a variety of vegetarian dishes in Thailand.
        Full disclosure: I'm not a vegetarian

        1. re: el jefe

          Thanks for the help. Perfect timing, I'll be in Chiang Mai tomorrow.l;