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Nov 11, 2010 05:11 AM

Moules Frites in Brussels

Chez Leon keeps coming up in my research, but the overall feeling I get is that this place is tourist trap. I only have time for one moules frites dinner. Where should I go?


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  1. Keep away from Chez Léon. It is indeed a tourist trap. The food is just this side of dismal. The ambiance is nonexistent and the service is disinterested. Unfortunately I don't have any recs for moules-frites in Brussels. Just wanted to warn you about Chez Léon.

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      warning heeded. thanks SnackHappy. Still looking for a good rec though :/

    2. Chez Leon is a tourist trap. My favorite places are Le Pre' Sale', 't Kelderke right on the Grand'Place and Bij Den Boer. There are many other fine places. One rule of thumb is to avoid places that invite you in, they abound on Rue de Bouchers.

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        I agree on these places. Not in the city center but very good for mussels and fries is Friture René at the Place de la Résistance.

      2. For an authentic (and good) moules frites, you need go no further than Le Bonne Humeur at 244 Chaussee de Louvain (Tel - well away from the tourist traps, this is the real thing.

        Expect simple formica tables, etc and don't bother dressing up. It's fairly small and popular so better book.

        Boccalupo's suggestions are also good.

        1. Jacques at the saint Catherine metro stop. 3 varieties of mussels. Yum.

          1. I love mussels but cannot eat dairy. Is there a version made without creme that is readily available in Belgium? We are headed there this year.

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                Most recipes contain butter, cream or both. Look for preparations like "à la provençale" which use olive oil, but inquire before ordering. The Belgians are very keen on butter and cream.

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                  Ah, that's right. Butter will be a problem. But if it is not, Moules Mariniere and Moules au Vin Blanc work as well.