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Nov 11, 2010 04:43 AM

Where to get pawpaws?

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  1. grimonut, as mentioned in the article, was the easiest source for the trees, when I was researching this. I haven't bought these yet but I'm sorely tempted!

    I have Heritage Foods USA bookmarked as selling the fruit mail order, but I think they were really pricey.

    1. I did see someone selling them at Brickworks farmers' market once (not this year). They are hard to come by. The season is over now - they were ripe back in early October or so. I have a source, 2 trees not on private property in Toronto, but sorry, I'm not spilling. The fruit is too good, and the competition from the raccoons is already strong enough.

      1. In the article, they refer to it as a custard apple. The custard apple is also known as cherimoya but it doesn't look like the photo, it looks more artichoke-like. I'm pretty sure you can get those at the exotic fruit shops in Chinatown. I've seen cherimoyas at the fruit stores on Spadina, north of Dundas. But I'm thinking that the pawpaw is not the same as a custard apple...

        Strangely, the cherimoya was an ingredient on the most recent episode of Chopped.

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          You're right -- cherimoyas and pawpaws are not the same fruit. I'm thinking of planting my own pawpaw tree, but far from the house; they're supposedly very stinky!