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Nov 11, 2010 04:38 AM

Man v. Food in NYC?

Are there any Man v Food type eateries in NYC or the outer boroughs?

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  1. they went to buffalo cantina in williamsburg on havemeyer some time ago; the suicidal hot sauce for the wings is pretty ridiculously spicy.

    1. oh and the brick lane curry house place on e. 6th street - went there before i saw the episode and maybe the kitchen "dumbed down" our order of phaal because it was not at all spicy. we ate it with spoons over rice and said "this tastes like tomato sauce."

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      1. re: selenster

        I ate that years ago and it was aggressively hot and oily. I have a pretty high spice tolerance and couldn't quite finish it. Plus, I was up all night - my own fault!

        1. re: Pan

          yikes, i can only imagine your pain!

          a friend went on another occasion and said it was extremely spicy and had no actual flavor other than "REALLY HOT." would you agree?

          unrelated: i watched a video of my friend eating two naga jolokia peppers on the internet yesterday. haha.

          1. re: selenster

            I wouldn't go quite that far, but I more or less agree with your friend: It was extremely spicy but didn't have a very complex taste, otherwise.

      2. I don't remember where I found this, but here is a custom Google map with Man v. Food and Dinners, Drive-Ins, & Dives locations on it.

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        1. re: MWinston

          OK, that is the single greatest post in the history of CH.

          1. re: princeofpork

            Why thank you. I have many custom Google maps collected and made actually, including one of all my personal favorite cheap food and drinks in NYC.

            1. re: MWinston

              care to share that map with us? i'd like to see what you enjoy on the cheap and find new places for me!

              1. re: selenster

                I'm not ready to post it fully publicly, but I'd send it to you if there's a way to. I don't see any Private Messaging system on Chow though.

                  1. re: matt5150

                    Alright, alright. Here it is. Blue means I've eaten there. Green means it's on my todo list so I cannot attest to it being awesome, but I'm betting yes. I update this pretty often. Certain places are on here only because they are super cheap but not that amazing (such as Vanessa's on 14th). Enjoy!


          2. In addition to the Brick Lane Curry House, Richman also went to...
            * Katz's Delicatessen (Pastrami Sandwich, Corned Beef Sandwich, Rueben)
            * Sylvia's Restaurant (Fried Chicken w/ Waffles, Spicy BBQ Ribs)
            * Wafels & Dinges (WMD--Wafel of Massive Deliciousness, BBQ Pulled Pork Wafel)
            * Amy Ruth's (The Rev. Al Sharpton--chicken & waffles)
            * Rack & Soul (Squealer Challenge)
            * La Fonda Boricua (Monfongaso)

            I've been to Katz' pastrami I've ever had; the Rueben was good, not great. WARNING: Don't lose that stupid'll cost you $50 if you lose it...and they have a cop at the door to make sure you pay!!!

            In Brooklyn, he went to...
            * L&B Spumoni Gardens ("The Square"--Pizza, Spumoni)
            * Brennan & Carr (Gargiulo burger, Hot Beef Sandwich)
            * Buffalo Cantina (Suicide Six Wings Challenge)

            And in Long Island...
            * Ciao Baby (Nonna's Old World Meat Platter)
            * Nonna's Old World Meat Platter (Davy Jones' Locker Challenge)
            * International Delight Café ("The World")

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            1. re: foodiepie

              Didnt he also go to Mo Girrders in the BX for BBQ?

              Here is a Google Map of all the places in NY and NJ. Has the DIners Drive ins and Dives too.


              1. re: princeofpork

                Adam Richman did not go there in either Man v. Food or Man v. Food Nation. But you are correct Guy Fieri did go there in his DDD - Worth the Trip episode.