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Nov 11, 2010 02:40 AM

Pizza & Pasta In Duchess County?

Chowhounds, were is the best Pizza and Pasta in Duchess County?

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  1. in pawling...across the street from hannafords on rte 22...3 guys from the bronx has a hot sausage with roasted red peppers and onoins to die for

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      Corky, thank you. We shall try that,but last night we had what I think will prove to be the best. Wood fueled brick ovens, and the best pizzas of many types.. The restaurant is off 55 in Lagrangeville NY and is named Amadeos Pizzeria. The restaurant looks Tuscan, and not your usual Pizza type, but it is great! Really good! It has wines and beers only, no licquor.

      1. re: JHW

        hey up and down 55 quite often and never noticed you go west on 55 is it on the right or left?...near daily planet? arlington hs? mcdonalds?...ill have to give it a try...thanx

        1. re: corky

          if you're coming off the taconic, go west on 55 about 1 mile, after the mcdonalds and the post office, make a right on the next traffic light. there's a gas station on the corner, amedeo's is maybe a couple hundred feet from the light (on the left, as you're heading north). they used to be right on route 55 in a little strip mall, but when they moved, the pizzas went upscale.

          their specialty is naples style pizza, which won't appeal to everyone. it's not as good as (keste in nyc) or (random new haven places, which i've never cared for, but i'm using others 'tastes' when i mention this), so don't use those as points of reference. and people who are used to paying $8 for a full size pie might not like the prices, as i've heard from others.

          but it's pretty good for where it is, the quality of the ingredients used (san marzano tomatoes, the mozzarella, etc.) we've been several times and have had pizzas (naples, regular, and white), pastas, calzones, and burrata one time they had it as a special, along with other things i can't remember, haven't had a bad meal there, have never had desserts but have heard people there who loved them. we use it as a break for when we want to go out for better pizza. oh, as of a year ago they don't do the naples style pizza to go, though you can take leftovers home if you eat that in. the rest of the menu is no problem for takeaway.

          oh, they're at:

    2. I enjoy the slices at Goodfella's, which is in the Red Oaks Mill hamlet of Poughkeepsie, on Vassar Road right before it turns into 376, in a shopping center that's on the right if you're heading north.