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For all fans of the Pioneer Woman...

just heard she's going to be battling Bobby Flay in a Thanksgiving Throwdown next week...


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  1. i'll make it a point to watch. PLEASE nobody use chipotle.

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      1. Hmmm... Interesting.
        I thought Flay was about challenging people with restaurants who built a reputation cooking dish "X".

        Unless it's for charity, I have to hand it to PW's publicist to get a spot on Throwdown as a legitimate challenger.

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        1. I follow her blogs & she makes me laugh every single day. Can't wait to watch!!!!

          1. Yep, that's Ree. She has her own chapter in the Marketing 101 textbook.

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              Every food personality has a "degree" in Marketing 101...or at the very least people around them that do. What's wrong with being smart?!

            2. http://www.foodnetwork.com/throwdown-...
              For those following along, a link to Bobby's recipes from the Throwdown..and Ree won the challenge...complete with celeb judges.

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              1. i thought ree did a great job! i really wanna try that caramel sauce bobby made though!

                1. I hope she posts the promised follow up about what went on behind the scenes.


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                    Back story #1. The woman can keep a secret..this was taped in Sept.

                  2. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/20...
                    According to Ree's daughter, this recipe stole the show. If anyone makes this recipe, I'd enjoy hearing your opinion.

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                      i absolutely believe that. out of all the dishes made on that episode, that was the one that had me searching foodnetwork.com for the recipe.

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                        I'm going to give the recipe a try btwn Thanksgiving & Christmas. Might be enjoyable for a work brunch.

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                          can't wait to hear your report! i *love* the sound of that caramel apple sauce. i may have to try making this using my GF pumpkin bread recipe.

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                            you have a GF pumpkin bread recipe? What are your subs?

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                              i use a blend of sorghum, oat (GF!), almond, & mesquite flours...with the requisite starch & a touch of guar gum.

                    2. all the food looked amazing and i'm not a big fan of thanksgiving food but would eat it all up. the episode was fun and cute but since the usual element of surprise was missing it was slightly anticlimactic for me. my husband says it's all a set up and the "challenged" probably knows ahead of time something is up but i still missed the awkwardness when bobby walks in. i'll still remember the donut plant episode....

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                        trolley, the surprise wasn't in this episode of TD because Bobby was invited by Ree (PW) to come to their family ranch and throwdown a Thanksgiving dinner. Recognizing this is outside the typical TD script, I tend to believe someone if not the biz owner, knows something is up in order for the actual taping, required permissions and food stuffs are on hand. I think once a show like TD becomes popular, it's harder to keep the "secret" going. However, considering how many people were on hand for this particular TD show, I think PW and the family/friends/invited guests did an amazing job of keeping it quiet since Sept.'s taping.

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                          "the surprise wasn't in this episode of TD because Bobby was invited by Ree (PW) to come to their family ranch and throwdown a Thanksgiving dinner."- i got that from watching the episode but thanks for the clarity ;)

                        2. re: trolley

                          You think the donut plant episode was a surprise? I never thought so.

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                            my point was that at least they pretend it's a surprise and they all do an ok job at the pretend part. no of course they know! they have to.

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                              A friend was one of the scouts for the show when it first aired. According to her, the earlier shows had some element of surprise from start to finish but it was difficult to maintain and believe it or not, some biz's approached declined the challenge.

                        3. Thanks for posting this, GHG! I've been a fan of her site for quite a while. I missed the episode, so I'll have to look for reruns.

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                            It reruns tonight at 11pm EST.

                          2. Wah! I missed it and I don't have Tivo or anything like that. I'm afraid FN won't run the episode again until next Thanksgiving.