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Nov 10, 2010 07:53 PM

Vegas Dining Splurge - Recommendations, Please! :)

Heading out to Vegas in a couple of weeks and would love your opinion...if I were going to splurge on a meal, would you recommend the Sterling Brunch Buffet at Bally's or a nice steak dinner at one of the Vegas steakhouses (Cut, Craftsteak, BOA, Carnevino, etc).


I know, it's like comparing apples and oranges...high end buffet vs upscale steak. I figure I can get a good steak in any city, but Vegas IS the buffet capital of the world, after all. And the draw for me would be the AYCE lobster. That said, it still IS a buffet...what would you do?


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  1. I personally would never waste one of my dinners on a buffet -- in my opinion, even the best ones pale in comparison to the options available for sit down restaurants. A couple of trips ago, our friends wanted to go to the buffets, so we went to the Bellagio and the Wynn buffets in one trip, and I was dissappointed in both compared to the other meals we ate (I won't be talked into that again!). I would rather have one plate of expertly-prepared food vs.10 plates of mediocre food. But if you are a into buffets, then you could give it a whirl!

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    1. Skip the buffets! Vegas was known for buffets before good restaurants came into play there.. Go to Cut or Carnevino sit down relax and enjoy a great meal..

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        +2 for the buffets. I've been to most of the good ones and even with a comp, I use it for b'fast or lunch. Too many good spots for dinner:)

      2. Please skip the buffets for dinner. For steak, I highly recommend CUT; my sister and I had a wonderful meal at CUT last April, and when I return to LV solo this coming April, I'm definitely heading back to CUT!

        1. Wow, so it's unanimous...skip the buffet, huh? Just curious if all the responders have tried the Sterling Brunch Buffet. ? Only reason I ask is b/c after researching, Sterling sounds pretty impressive and has gotten really great reviews on both Chowhound & Yelp. Sounds to be the creme de la creme of all Vegas flowing Pierre Jouet, caviar, whole Maine lobsters, filet, etc, etc. (One blogger even went so far as to say that it beat most upscale sit down restaurants, including CUT). ???

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            I've never been to the Sterling Brunch Buffet. Hear it's pricey though. I would try it if I were in LV on a Sunday.

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              1) Skip the buffet.

              2) Why a steakhouse? Why not something like -- for example -- the tasting menu at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon? or the Lobster Pot pie at Michael Mina?

              Michael Mina Restaurant
              3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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                Yes, I've been- great if you want to drink tons of champagne, a killer value. I can do that at the St. Regis brunch right by my house. It's still a buffet.
                You have access to restos by some of the greatest chefs in the US and at decent prices, 'cause of the crappy economy. Take advantage.

              2. Thanks to everyone's help, I've decided on Taste of Wynn at Alex for dinner and Sterling Sunday brunch the next day. I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks so much!

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                  Great choices. I do hope you post your reviews. Always wanted to try the Sterling Sunday brunch, and would like to hear about the Tast of Wynn at Alex. Thanks.

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                    From this post, I thought you were only doing 1 splurge. If you're going to Taste of Wynn as well, that's a differerent story. I too would like to hear what you think of the brunch.

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                      Well, yeah, that "was" the much for plans! ;) After researching and reading so many great reviews, I was torn and then thought,"What the hell?," right? ;) Will try to report back!