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Nov 10, 2010 06:45 PM

Vienna Virginia Too late

We are recent to Vienna. Im a very late eater and am really getting tired of "just missing" the kitchen closing in places so I end up at some all night Fast food chain. Maybe I'm just used to city styles. Is there anything around Dunn Loring metro that actually stays up late and isn't something that is not just bar food or fast food? I really love anything, the more hole in the wall the better in my opinion.

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  1. I don't think it would take you more than 10 minutes to drive down to Yechon in Annadale, Korean restaurant open 24 hours. Large menu, all around very good, particularly good oyster pancakes.

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    1. re: Steve

      I wish I had know about these options... I was around 11:30pm in Arlington starving after a concert.. I won't even say where I ended up eating I was really really hungry...

      The next time Yechon will be my salvation =)

          1. re: helenahimm

            As is Bob & Edith's, two locations in Arlington on Columbia Pike.

            1. re: link_930

              I will try the Asian options the next time, I've been to Metro 29 & Bob & Edith's.. I really didn't like their food at all but thanks!


              1. re: helenahimm

                metro and bob and edith's cannot be put in the same "food" category at all.

                other than your "i didn't like either one" category.

        1. Amphora is open late. It's neither a hole in the wall nor bar food, but one of those diner-like places with a ten page menu and the dessert case prominent when you enter. Back when I could stay up late, I had many a late meal there.

          1. Friends Kabob on 123 stays open very late.

            Amphora in Vienna is also a good choise. A short drive to Annandale wil really open your options.

            1. I second the Amphora. The greek-style cheese cake is outstanding, and most of the food is B- or better. But it's the kind of place you can go to any time of day or night, and always find something worth eating. And nice enough for a casual lunch or dinner with others. Don't expect cutting edge food, but definitely a cut above the average diner.

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                i can attest to their cheesecake -- at least the one done by their bakery that someone brought to church one day. it was phenomenal! like silk, i tell ya!

                i love metro 29's spinach pie and greek salad special. their beef tenderloin kabobs are quite good, too! very tender with a good beefy flavor. the service is always attentive, and their pastry desserts are very nice.

              2. XO Taste in Falls Church (7 Corners) is open untll 2 am.