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Nov 10, 2010 05:06 PM

Crazy Cuban

Have any of the former Kool Korners addicts tried to get their fix here yet: Read about it recently but haven't been.
It's been billed as a legitimate succesor.

I've been trying to justify a trip to Birmingham but if this place is the real deal maybe my cold turkey withdrawal was worth it. If not I will have to make do with some hot turkey and fixin's in a couple of weeks and try to get by awhile longer.

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  1. Try the sandwiches at Cubano in the Perimeter Mall food court. I know, it's a food court, but the authentic sandwiches are made by a Cuban immigrant. He uses some of the same purveyors that Ramirez at KK used. Ask him to go light on the mojo and to toast it well so the cheese melts as sometimes his staff will try to get the sandwich out faast and I find it can be undertoasted.

    1. try pallomillas in Norcross--started by a Cuban Refugee--excellent food

      1. I walk over to eat here once a week; But hey, Go to Birmingham (Vestavia Hills) Mr. Ramirez will recommend the Crazy Cuban in Atlanta. Crazy Cuban uses the same bread, same ham, and the same pork suppliers as the original Kool Korners. And btw, The guy on the sandwich presses at the Crazy Cuban is a real Cuban. He escaped Cuba about two years ago. He can tell you what real communism is.

        1. I've been wondering about that place. I've been getting my Cuban sandwich fix at Papi's on Ponce de Leon.

          1. The sandwiches at Crazy Cuban are quite good - only caveat is that they're only open for lunch M-Sat. I like them better than re-opened Havana and maybe even Papi's (though I haven't been to Papi's in quite a while).

            KK and original Havana were my favorites back in the day, but it seems like all 3 (Crazy Cuban, new Havana, Papi's) don't seem to match up to the former glory. Maybe I'm just nostalgic.