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Nov 10, 2010 04:57 PM

How far can $50 stretch at Oishii?

I find myself in possession of a $50 gift certificate to Oishii. What's the best way to use it? My DC and I are looking to have an experience and we don't need to leave full. Thanks!

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  1. um, dump your dc, find the head chef, and bring 50 more dollars.

    srsly most people here spent around 65 per it seems.

    1. Not far. I guess it may depend which Oishii you're going to, but I'd say $50 per person would be closer to reasonable than $50 shared between two people. And you probably still wouldn't leave full.

      1. If you've got a $50 GC, skip the South End Oishii and head to Chestnut Hill Oishii. Also you might consider adding $20-30 of your own to the tab, if only to give you more variety of the many hand rolls, baked rolls and other offerings. My DC and I have been able to get out of the CH Oishii for years for $75-80 and be satisfyingly full (almost stuffed I'd say).

        I say skip the South End because the couple of times I have been there, once to try it, another time to confirm my suspicion, I found it to be hideously expensive for what you get. The kind of feeling you get when you order a $75 omakase, look at the plate and think "Seriously? That's it?"

        1. If you must go to the South End Oishii, go for lunch. They have a $25 lunch box and a $30 lunch box, both which are very good. But I will agree with everyone else and say the Chestnut Hill location definitely gives you more bang for your buck (I like it better overall too). Just remember it's only like 12 seats or so (I forger the exact amount) so you'll have to wait in line or go at an off time.

          New Kaiseki Lunch #1
          Green Salad Sesame Dressing
          Fresh Lobster Wild Mushroom Risotto
          Seared Wild King Salmon Sweet Soy
          Crispy Rock Shrimp Lemon Aioli
          Oishii Crab Cake
          *Spicy Tuna Salad Handroll
          Grilled Miso Black Cod
          Rocky Sushi
          *Sake Sushi
          *Maguro Sashimi
          *Hamachi Sashimi

          New Kaiseki Lunch #2
          Miso Soup
          Grilled Miso Black Cod
          Seaweed Salad
          Broiled Egg Plant
          Hot So-Men Noodle
          *Spicy Tuna Tempura Maki
          *Salmon Avocado Maki
          Shrimp Tempura, Asparagus Tempura
          Broccolini Sesame Dressing

          1. We go to the Chestnut Hill location (never been to the Boston one), and $50 will get you a very decent lunch. For dinner, it can get you almost decent dinner for the 'menu price', but with tax and tip, a more realistic total would be $70-80. Not had omakase, but I don't think that for two, that with $50, that is a realistic option.

            Of course, it's easy to spend much more.


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              I agree. You can order the chef sushi and sashimi special, two hand rolls, a maki or two for $70-$80 total. Everything so good it's hard to keep it under $50 budget because you wanna keep eating. You can also take out to save $10 in tips and eat at the picnic bench in the huge park on the side street.