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Nov 10, 2010 03:37 PM

amazing mexican restaurant in northwest albuquerque?

Hi all! I'm flying over from nyc to spend one night in albuquerque for a day-long job interview and wondering if anyone would kindly share their fave mexican restaurant ideas with me? I need my fuel!!!

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  1. Um, _Mexican_ or _New Mexican_? Seriously, this is a needed bit of info. There are lots of fine Mexican restaurants here showcasing different areas of Mexico, but - do I correctly surmise that you're thinking about trying to sample the local _New_ Mexican food?''

    Please let me know what you're seeking, and I'm sure we can give you good recs. How mobile will you be and more or less where will you be? (NW ABQ is a pretty big area . . . .)

    cheers, erich

    1. I am assuming you were really interested in New Mexican cuisine.

      Mary and Tito's gets most some of the most acclaim. It is at 2711 4th Street, N.W.,
      (505) 344-6266. They also won a James Beard American Classics award earlier this year. They are open for dinners as well as breakfast and lunch

      My favorite place to eat in Abq. is Barela's Coffee House. However it is only open for breakfast and lunch and it down in the South Valley near Old Town. In the interest of full disclosure it is owned by a relative. However you can read on Urban Spoon and other sources that it is well loved. 1502 4th St SW. (505) 843-7577

      I also love Parea's Tijuana Bar in Corrales.