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Nov 10, 2010 02:36 PM

Lazybones Roseville MI

I was back in town (Warren) for a family funeral so my sister and I went to finally check out Lazybones in Roseville. We went at lunch time and ate at the small tables in the store - it's largely a takeout place. We were the only women in the was frequented by many male blue collar types in for their lunch hour. I tested it out with my usual beef brisket order (always my test case for a BBQ restaurant), and I thought the brisket by itself was wonderfully spiced and smoked and very moist. They really strap on the feedbag! My lunch was big enough for 2. The price was right, too! I got the greens and the cole slaw, plus, it came with potato wedges. Sis got the burnt ends. They were good, too.

Only downside is that among their choices, I couldn't find a BBQ sauce I liked as much as I like the sauce at Slows, Union Woodshop or Zingerman's Roadhouse, but I'd definitely go again next time I am in the homeland and am in need of takeout.

Zingerman's Roadhouse
2501 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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  1. Glad you liked it! Deni actually does have at least two sauces I like: the candy apple BBQ, and the mustard-based one. Both are very worthy of my time, in my opinion. You're right about the sauces at Slows and Woodshop, though: both offer an array of impressive options in the sauce category.

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      momskitchen and boagman, I shared your guys' enthusiasm for years, and I wish I still did so. I'm starting to cool on Lazybones a bit, and I think some of the competition is starting to surpass them. It may be my misperception, but it seems to me that they've complacently (slightly) slid, rather than continually improving. I still go there, but it is not quite the treat for me that it once was. For instance, I don't feel they are smoking the meat as thoroughly as before. Note--Yes, I'm a big "roadside barbecue" enthusiast.