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Nov 10, 2010 02:30 PM

Silver Spring Brunch

I am planning a brunch in the Silver Spring area for 6 adults (4 from out of town) for a special occasion. Originally I was thinking Mrs. K's or Jackies however with a number of new restaurants recently opened in the area I am not sure they are the best restaurant. I checked other posting but they were either older or not for special occasions.

Where would you recommend for brunch in the Silver Spring area?

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  1. The only other place I would recommend is 8407 for a special occasion. I have really good dinners there, the reviews on chow seemed mixed. I have had not as great service during brunch, but my dinner service has been laid back but good. But it is my favorite place to eat in the downtown Silver Spring area at the moment

    It has been maybe 6 months since I have had brunch at Jackies, but I would say I always feel like I'm over paying at brunch. The dishes are interesting, the drinks are good and its a good atmosphere. If I was taking people out in downtown Silver Spring for a special brunch I would try 8407 or Jackies.

    I have been to Mrs K's a while back, not for brunch. Good place if you are taking out an older relative and food isn't the central focus.

    Olazzo also has a brunch, but haven't tried it. Not as fancy though.

    I did the three course brunch ($20 and includes a drink) at McGinty's and thought it was pretty good, although not as special as 8407 or Jackies.

    8235 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910