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Nov 10, 2010 02:14 PM


Just opened. Burgers made from flavored patties. On James between 2d and 3d.

Space: spartan but pleasant

Service: very eager to please

bacon and bleu burger: tasty and juicy; could clearly taste the bacon; bleu only surfaced in a very few of my bites; bun excellent; sweet and spicy aoli very good

fries: limp, yet dried out; I won't order these again unless I see some that look markedly crisper

Trophy cupcake: fantastic as always

potato beignet: really wanted to try--description sounded terrific--but they were out; they graciously offered a free one on my next visit

Cleaning up: no compost or recycling receptacles available

I'm very likely to return.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Tried it for lunch today. The space is a bit basic. They really need to fill it out a bit.

      My friend and I shared some Potato Beignets, Interesting concept, described as something like a tater tot. But the crispy exterior gives way to something like mashed potatoes on the inside. On the whole, not bad, but texture-wise, I'd rather have an actual tater tot.

      Tried the chorizo burger. Nice, but the flavors were a little on the restrained side, and that's something chorizo should not be. My friend had the chicken burger, which had a nice herbal flavor and chili heat kick to it.

      The proportions are sensible and they really seem to have thought carefully about flavor profiles. Lots of different dips and aiolis to choose from. It's near work, so I'll be back to sample more. Definitely get there early, because they're mobbed at lunchtime.

      Seattle, Seattle, WA 98104