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Other uses for Wasabi than sushi?

I hate sushi and all seafood. But I love Wasabi.
It´s so uniquely sharp in its flavor, like a gourmet mustard with more depth. So I wonder what else you can use it to?

I have both paste and powder Wasabi, but the only thing I ever used it on, was a sandwich with smoked ham. But are there perhaps some genius recipes with Wasabi for poultry or meat I don´t know about?

Any japanese yakitori that you can treat with wasabi perhaps?

I want to learn more ways to use this. As I sit here writing, I´m eating my favourite nuts - wasabi nuts.

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  1. I've had Wasabi chips (soooo delicious). I'm sure it could be made into a dip and use regular chips.

      1. Can't seem to find a bottled horseradish hot enough, so I mix wasabi with sour cream to use on prime rib or any roast beef.

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          I do a wasabi mayonnaise for roast beef sandwiches. Just a good tbs. mixed in for the real effect. It does hellishy good things to them.

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            Excellent, I'm on it! I usually do a dijon mustard/mayo combo for beef sandwiches.

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              Since our commercial wasabi is really horseradish powder and mustard it would work great with roast beef. I also make a wasabi mayo. Usually layering it between layers of sushi rice as a side for sashimi. I also use this wasabi mayo to coat fish before coating in panko or sesame seeds.

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              I love horseradish (see recent "favorite condiments" thread) on roast beef. I know Wasabi is a horseradish, but I never put the two together in my head. So when you mix it with sour cream or mayo, it comes out a Dollar-Bill-green color?

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                Yes, if the slight green color bothers you, don't use it. I am not bothered by it because in Paris I had a delightful lunch of sliced room temp chicken with chive infused mayo which was slightly green and so delicious. I guess if an up-scale French restaurant could do it, what the heck?

            3. Add to creme fraiche and pair it with fresh berries, cobblers and puddings, or in trifles.

              Use it as a spice rub for lamb chops (or shank).

              Incorporate it into your vinagrette when making salad dressing.

              Combine with soy sauce, some chili flakes, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and sugar, and drizzle it over tofu. Serve chilled and garnished with toasted sesame seeds and chopped parsley (optional).

              Add it to salsa, either pico de gallo or salsa verde

                1. I'd like to point out that what you have most likely been eating has been green colored horseradish and not wasabi. I recommend seeking out some fresh wasabi - it has a much more delicate flavor while still having good sharpness.

                  1. I love wasabi on rare grilled steak. I also sub for horseradish on roast beef sandwiches.

                    1. Bloody Marys.
                      Mashed potatoes.
                      Seafood marinades.
                      Salad dressings.
                      Stir Fry's.
                      Over Green tea ice cream with citrus syrup.
                      Deviled eggs.
                      Brown rice salads.
                      Scrambled eggs with smoked Salmon and Dill.

                      1. As someone else here suggested - MASHED POTATOES!!! Wasabi makes a fabulous addition to mashed potatoes.

                        In fact, one of the most fabulous meals I ever had - & it was actually locally here in good old Culpeper, VA - was years ago at a restaurant called "It's About Thyme". It was a Kobe beef filet served on a bed of Wasabi mashed potatoes with a side of broccolini. Again - one of the best meals I've ever had. The beef was fork tender & unbelievably flavorful, & the wasabi was just the right touch for the potatoes. Fabulous meal.

                        After that, I've made Wasabi mashed potatoes at home with the same great results. Normally serve them alongside lightly-seared tuna steaks. Great stuff.

                        (Oh, & "It's About Thyme" is still thriving here in good old Culpeper, & still serving up absolutely fabulous food!)

                        1. i love mixing it with sandwich toppings like mustard or mayo to kick em up a notch!

                          i also have to echo (again) that it is awesome in mashed potatoes and guac!

                          I also think it would be great in a spicy and sweet type glaze for pork tenderloin.

                          if ya wanna really surprise some people, ive seen some interesting recipes for wasabi ice cream as well.

                          1. ~~wasabi rangoons, which can just be cream cheese and wasabi in wonton skins, deep-fried.

                            1. I keep a (light shielded) shaker jar of (true) wasabi powder with the salt and pepper that goes on the table. I love it as a sprinkle-on condiment for everything from meats and veggies to soup and, yes, nuts. Great on plain rice. As I write, I'm having a bowl of chicken and papardelle noodles I made last week (and froze in portion sizes) with powdered wasabi on top. I may like the powder as a condiment more than I like the paste. It has a nutty yet spicy flavor that nothing else has.

                              1. others have already suggested pretty much all the uses i've found for them except two...

                                - use the powder for spiced nuts or to make your own roasted wasabi peas or chickpeas.
                                - spread a layer of paste on fish or chicken, press sesame seeds (or a mixture of seeds and panko) onto the paste, pan-sear until the crust is golden, and finish in the oven to desired doneness....you can also mix the powder into your flour or bread crumbs before coating fish, chicken, or even wings.

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                                  First good reply in this thread.

                                  I kind of expected more than sandwich recipes.

                                  I was hoping for some genius barbecue sauces, marinades or fried stuff.

                                2. Wasabi pork tenderloin is wonderful!

                                  1. Use wasabi to color and flavor steamed white rice. I also occasionally use ajvar for the same purpose if I want a flavored red rice.

                                    1. Mixed with a purée of pear to go with smoked salmon: Ourt of this world!

                                      1. Wasabi pea puree - you can use it as a condiment in sandwiches, or to accompany other dishes. Cook peas, puree with a little bit of stock and add wasabi to taste. I also use this as a filling for onigiri

                                        1. Low-fat yogurt, wasabi and dill for topping grilled chicken. I also use it as a shrimp cocktail sauce.