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Nov 10, 2010 01:05 PM

What's up with Table Manners?

The fact that I care enough to create this thread is disturbing to me—it's not like I have nothing better to do. That said: js this week's topic a rerun from a year ago? It seems to be. I feel as though Helena's running out of ideas; they're all essentially the same four topics: what to do about drunks? what to do about babies? what to do about vegetarians? and what to do about busybodies?

I get a kick out of the comments Helena's columns elicit, but I'm getting bored with the same old topics. I realize there's probably only so many angles a dining etiquette column can take, but still: can we help her out with some fresh ideas? Anyone?

Has a column ever been done about someone who hogs the buffet table at a party? There's one that bugs me.

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  1. i think helena mentioned something about taking some time off from the column, maternity leave, if you will, and that chow would do some "reruns."

    i too enjoy some of the long streams of comments the column elicits. i wish there was a fresh "table manners" this week, though i wish helena well on her break. maybe chow could in future have a "guest columnist" for absences-- potentially hilarious to have a non-food oriented advice person deal w helena's idiom-- in the vein of dan savage addressing thanksgiving potluck etiquette or something. heh ;-P

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    1. re: soupkitten

      Oh, I missed that. Okay. I love your idea!

      1. re: soupkitten

        We do rerun Helena's columns every once in a while -- to give her a break, or to resurface something timely.

        That said, Helena is indeed taking an extended break starting next week -- she's having a baby! And she has banked some columns ahead, which will be running bi-weekly. On the weeks that a new column isn't running, we have a guest columnist that we are inordinately excited about. Ruth Bourdain. That's the mysterious fictional mashup between Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain -- to get a sense of him/her, here's the twitter feed:

        RuBo's column starts on December 1. We hope you like it!

        1. re: davina

          hey sounds like a well aged barrel of gin macerated foie gras stuffed pigs feet!

          er. . . i mean, sounds fun. thanks :)

        2. "dan savage addressing thanksgiving potluck etiquette"

          LOVE THAT

          but the planned alternative sounds good too.