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Ideas for how to use leftover basmati rice?

I have a bunch of basmati rice left over from Indian takeout last night - don't want to throw it away, any fairly simple ideas [not more than an hour's work] for what to do with it? I usually make fried rice with leftover Chinese rice but I'm not sure that soy sauce and basmati would go together? Ideally would like to be able to use it with ingredients I already have [some frozen veggies, potatoes, a few fresh veggies, canned black beans, some cheeses, broth, ground turkey, your standard stuff] and I don't really like rice in salad. I already did a search on this board but didn't come up with much. Any help much appreciated - thanks!

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  1. It sounds like you have soup. Saute some aromatics (leeks/garlic/onion/shallots) whatever, chop to the appropriate size and gently saute some of your veggies, make little meat balls out of the ground turkey, and finish with the broth and some herbs. Toss in the rice to give texture and mouth feel at the end.

    1. Basmati rice makes great fried rice. If your basmati is scented with cumin or other spices, then you can still make fried rice, just don't make it a Chinese fried rice. No soy sauce. But you can still stir fry the rice with whatever veggies you want.

        1. I think basmati would give a nice flavor to a rice pudding. I know,it doesn't use up your veggies or turkey - but might be a good dessert to follow your meal!

          1. fried rice= thinly sliced green onions, pine nuts, dried currents, cumin if you like it.

            1. believe it or not, leftover rice makes a wonderful crust for quiche.

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                Really?! How does one go about it? Just smash the rice in the bottom of the pan?

                Also, you could do a Caribbean rice and beans type thing. Sauteed garlic and/or onion, a little tomato product if you've got any, and nutmeg and cinnamon or a pinch of pumpkin pie spice.

              2. I think you could make a turkey chili with the beans, broth and turkey and a lot of onion and cumin and serve it over the leftover rice with some cornbread - but the first thing that came to mind for me was fried rice too...or biryani, which actually calls for basmati.

                1. Fried rice: sautee the rice with onions, sweet peas or edamame and cashews with a sprinkle of clove powder and a dried Bay leaf. It will be subtly sweet :)

                  1. Old thread, but for anyone else having this problem-use left over rice to make one of the South Indian flavored rice dishes like curd-rice, lemon-rice, or tamarind rice. It is just a matter of stirring the seasonings for the particular rice you like into the leftover rice. I love lemon-rice the best.

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                      d'oh!!! I did it again. Guess she's probably used up that rice by now. . .

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                        I have done the same thing before without noticing, but truthfully I think these threads never die, I have gotten good info from threads that popped up again a few times with new responses, even though they were from the early 2000s. I wouldn't have seen the info or learned anything if no one had revived the thread.