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Nov 10, 2010 12:14 PM

Thanksgiving Dining Options in Portsmouth, NH?

I'm going to be in the Portsmouth area on Thanksgiving Day and will be dining solo. Can anyone recommend some good Thanksgiving Day dining options in the area? Individual/bar seating is a plus... dining alone on Thanksgiving is awkward enough. Sitting alone at a table for four in a restaurant packed with patrons is even moreso.

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  1. Here's apost from 2006, don't know how helpful:

    If you click on the 25th in the calendar in the right hand side you'll get 2 places on the Chamber's site.

    If you don't get any other replies your best bet would be to call the chamber, as they may have a list. Or the hotel if you are staying in would should also be able to give you some info.

    Good Luck

    1. Hi- I'm the restaurant critic and food writer for the Portsmouth Herald---
      I'll get a list together for you. I also dine alone at the bar so I'll let you know which ones are best for that. It might take a day or so.
      Rachel Forrest

      1. So far for Thanksgiving we have (and these are in downtown Portsmouth)

        The Library Restaurant. Clubby, classic. Excellent bar for dining...both at the bar and in cushy chairs in the lounge.

        The Common Man. Another great bar to sit at for solo dining. I don't have specifics on the dinner yet, but I know they are serving.

        The Dolphin Striker. They have a "common table" with a view from the window that's a sort of bar to sit at for solo diners. Classic Thanksgiving Dinner and seafood.

        The Chef’s Table...late lunch not dinner--closing early so It's one of those holiday meals you'll eat in the afternoon.. Upstairs is the RipTide bar to sit at or a lounge area table. Very friendly, welcoming staff.

        Harbor’s Edge--This is the restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel...they do a buffet and you can sit upstairs in the lounge/bar.

        more to come, hopefully that's not all!

        Outside of Portsmouth

        In York...Blue Sky at York Beach. Swank. modern decor and good food by the beach. .

        Wentworth By the Sea Hotel and Spa... They pull out all the stops on Thanksgiving.It's outside of downtown but if you have no car, a short cab ride. They do a dinner from 1-10 and a buffet from 11-5. The bar in the lounge is small, but fine for dining and in the lounge are plenty of small tables. There will likely be other solo diners there. The buffet is always great.

        Dolphin Striker
        15 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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        1. re: SeacoastFoodie

          Wow, thank you so much for going to all of this effort! I'll let you know where I end up! Thanks again!

          1. re: matteo1973

            Thanks for all the restaurant options for me too. It will be a bit help for my husband and myself. Maybe we'll review the same place!

        2. If I were Matteo and looking at the list Seacoast Foodie has compiled: I would choose Blue Sky in York ....Wentworth Hotel, Common Man, Sheraton are all going to be filled with lots of families, I would envision. Blue Sky is more intimate and I personally would feel more comfortable about dining alone on a holiday there.