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Nov 10, 2010 12:11 PM

Outdoor Tented Wedding Reception [Long Island, Hudson Valley]

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can hold an outdoor, tented wedding reception outside of NYC, but not necessarily too far outside? We are looking in New Jersey, CT, and Hudson Valley but I think my top choice would be Long Island.

My ideal location would be somewhere with a lot of greenery, overlooking some body of water, with good caterers. Price is a consideration, so I doubt I could do anything in the Hamptons. I'm hoping this isn't impossible. Please help! Thanks!

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  1. I got married at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, NY last year. You have different options for the wedding ceremony if you wish to have it there (in the rose garden or in front of the castle on the lawn), and you have the reception tented in the courtyard. It is absolutely beautiful with tons of greenery, overlooks the Hudson (but it's just barely visible from the veranda of the castle which is where you have the cocktail hour), and the caterer, Fabulous Foods is simply wonderful. Joseph is the coordinator and he is the best. Plus they are flexible in terms of packages and pricing. It is truly an extraordinary place to get married. Good luck!

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      KitchenMaid what was the general price per person? I have always heard it's a second mortgage to throw a wedding there...

      sd511, look into the wineries on the north fork of long island or in westchester I think try catrock castle. For less money but a very cool space look into the queens county farm museum. You may be wanting to much for a lower budget affair in this area (Li, city, westchester & fairfield)...maybe orange, rockland & putnam counties would be for caterers try caperberry events, watson's, royal grilling or Gerskes. all are top notch and offer a variety of $$ packages

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        At Lyndhurst I believe it was $125/person for a Saturday night event (in the summer of 2009). But as I said they were flexible, so you could get the price down by taking things out of the package, which in itself was pretty generous.

        North Fork Vineyard weddings are absolutely gorgeous but can also cost an arm and a leg (my sister got married at one over 5 years ago and it was beautiful!).

        It all depends on how much work you want to put in yourself. Before deciding on Lyndhurst I investigated museums and historical sites, which can be much more affordable, but which are really a blank slate for your creativity. I quickly realized that while I would have liked giving money away to a good cause, I actually preferred a wedding venue where everything would be taken care of for me.

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          Wow that's very reasonable!! thanks for info. Who did you use for your flowers & decor?

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            Well, flowers is where I splurged...Diana Gould is supposed to be the best and that was certainly not cheap! On the positive side, though, I did not need one decoration for the ceremony (besides bouquets) because I got married in the rose garden, but I did want to spruce up the tent. I recall that they were extremely nice as well and ended up throwing in lights and drapery in the tent for free; I was against it for the longest time, but actually it made the tent a lot more elegant than I could have imagined!

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              Sounds fantastic! Diana Gould I have seen a lot recently. Her centerpieces look amazing...

    2. Most of the North Fork Vineyards host weddings. I have no idea of the costs.
      Just google North Fork Vineyards. I am sure the info is on their we sites.

      1. West Park Winery in Ulster County uses a tent for larger weddings. Very pretty site and I understand it is pretty reasonable.

        1. The Grandview in Poughkeepsie. I had my wedding there and couldn't recommend it more. The views are unbeatable. They have both an indoor ballroom and an outdoor tent and you can hold your reception in either of them. I had my reception in their tent overlooking the Hudson river and it was stellar. They have great food and give you lots of amenities including a complimentary honeymoon suite and 5 rooms in a nearby hotel they own, which they will shuttle you back and forth to. Great for family that's coming in out of town. It's not "cheap" but it's not Hamptons prices either - and in my opinion a good value for everything that they give you.